Thursday 7 May 2015

Kessingland Bus Wars - Gloves Are Off

A couple of weeks ago Anglian Bus told me face to face that there were no bus wars in Kessingland, and the fact they had put three extra buses on an hour between Kessingland and Lowestoft was purely for reliability issues and nothing to do with the competition from First. Well I suggest it's blooming well war now!

Today I was passing through Lowestoft, ironically on an Anglian 61 when I saw 30901 approaching the Bus Station with a very interesting destination screen.

Very interesting
I'm not sure what the First fares were, but currently a single on Anglian from Kessingland to Lowestoft is £2.40, with a return being £3.80. This move by First slashing the single fare to a pound is certainly going to ruffle some Go-Ahead feathers, and it will be very interesting to see what response, if any, comes from Anglian.

A few bits and pieces to report - there were some odd workings in Lowestoft and Yarmouth today, with Lowestoft Gemini 37572 being seen on Yarmouth route 7 to Belton, then Yarmouth's freshly painted ALX400 32058 turned up on Lowestoft route 111 to Carlton Colville this afternoon. Also  making a surprise appearance was Anglian Trident 725, which I was told would be going to Hedingham at the start of this week - clearly not! 725 was seen by Tim Miler in Halesworth and then I managed to snap her on the 61 in a very wet Lowestoft later.

Anglian 725 in Lowestoft this afternoon
There was also a rather impressive visitor to Southwold this afternoon in this Mercedes Tourismo Euro 6 coach belonging to Dews of Somersham, whch is near Huntingdon in Cambridgeshire. A very nice beast.

Dews of Somersham Mercedes Tourismo BD64 NDG at Southwold

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  1. Fantastic shot of Tourismo, love it. 725 clearly loves the area and doesn't want to leave...