Tuesday 26 May 2015

Yarmouth Gemini 2 Fiesta

It is quite possible that today was the most exciting and varied day Yarmouth is going to see this years. Thanks to the shenanigans going on in Norwich over the weekend, which saw a few kids wanting to listen to some music, and a group of blokes kicking a ball around in London yesterday there were a lot of displaced vehicles around.

Because of their extra top speed it was decided to use Yarmouth Geminis on the footy runs yesterday so 5 of Norwich's Gemini 2's were swapped on Friday. Today all were still in action in Yarmouth - 2 on the X1, 2 on the 1/1A and 1 on the 8's, which also had Olympian 34108 on until early afternoon. I joined Cameron Robinson and Jamie Glasspoole in trying out the Norwich Geminis on faster routes than they are normally used to.

First up was 36176 on the 8 to James Paget. Except we only travelled on it to Gorleston as a new arrival at Yarmouth crept up behind us, which we decided to catch to JPH instead to give us a better photo opportunity of the Gemini. Yarmouth have got another First Yorkshire Volvo B10B Wright Renown on loan, 60621, and so that had to be added to the list. Although my photo didn't capture the destination screen, it was on the 1 to Lowestoft.

First Yorkshire 60621 R784 WKW at James Pagest Hospital
With that out of the way we got in position to capture the Gemini and got one helluva a bonus when 37176 and Olympian 34108 arrived at JPH at the same time. It is probably the only time these two vehcles will ever be seen together on the same route so for the three of us who witnessed it our pics will become ones for the folder marked "unique"!

Norwich Gemini 37176 and Yarmouth Olympian 34108 both on the 8 at JPH today
Now it shouold be remembered at this point that those Gemini2's are ploughing up and down the 25/26 between Norwich Station and University of East Anglia 24 hours a day 7 days a week. They are the most worked buses hours wise in Eastern Counties, and having ridden the 25 a couple of times I know just how many speed bumps they have to deal with too. They are now 4 years old and I have to say have coped outstandingly well. Very few rattles - even on the notorious Gorleston High St, and I really was pleasantly surprised. Praise should also go to the Norwich maintainance team who have kept them is such good order. How nice to praise a bus for once!

We caught  36179 back to Yarmouth, which was on the 1 to Martham.

First Norwich Volvo B9tl Gemini 2 36179 at JPH on the 1 to Martham

After a spot of lunch, to try a longer run and a bit of speed we caught 36170 to Acle on the X1. Once again the Gemini passed with flying colours and it seems a bit of a shame they are restricted to City work so much. Excellent vehicles, well maintained, and can they be loaned out a bit more please!

36170 at Acle en route to Norwich
By this evening at least 2 of the 5 Geminis, including 36170 above had returned to Norwiich, with the others set to return tomorrow. Who knows if this will ever happen again. I hope so, but today proved to me just how superior the Geminis are to anything else. Thanks to Cameron and Jamie for their companty today. Look out tomorrow for a new chasis for E400 bodies..

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