Wednesday 6 May 2015

We're Leaning On A Lamppost........

I don't normally report breakdowns, a poorly bus is a poorly bus and there's normally nothing much to see. However, occasionally there is an exception to the rule, and yesterday was certainly one of them. I was with a friend in Norwich Bus Station when someone nudged me and pointed out one of Anglian's Streetlites (lampposts) at quite an angle. Anglian 351 MX60 BWK had suffered what appeared to be a quite pronounced suspension problem and was balancing on 3 wheels. Not something you see everyday. Kevn Harrison also saw it and sent me a pic which compliments the ones I took very well. Many thanks, Kevin

Anglian 351 looking as though it's dancing in Norwich Bus Sation yesterday.     pic (c) Kevin Harrison
A head on shot

It was last night I was wracking my brain trying to think what that angle reminded me of, and then it came to me. Those of you of a certain age, or who have kids will have seen Who Framed Roger Rabbit, which has a character called Benny the Cab in it...........

Spot the similarities!
Also in Norwich yesterday was one of my favourite vehicles. Operating the 1130 Megabus M37 to Cardiff was Volvo B11R Plaxton Elite Interdeck 54221 YX63 NHH. I'll be travelling on a couple of those again in a couple of weeks when I take a trip up to Stornoway, and seeing this one yesterday was a pleasant reminder of what is to come!

Megabus 54221 at Norwich Bus Station yesterday
Yesterday also saw the start of the new Anglian routes and changes. Sorry no pictures yet but I was chatting to a friendly driver who wanted me to put an idea he has up for discussion, so always happy to oblige here goes!

He was showing me the Anglian map, which I'd like to reproduce but don't appear to be able to - you can see it by clicking here - and pointed out that there was a triangle with a missing side - between Harleston and Halesworth. His theory was that the 88A from Southwold to Halesworth could be extended to Harleston, thus proviiding another cross Suffolk link with onward connections to Diss, and would relieve pressure on the 88 improving timekeeping too if it started terminating at Halesworth again. I obviously have my own theories on this, but would like you good people to give some feedback and what route you would take it.

No pics of the new routes but after all those pics in the 62 tribute slideshow of Anglian 100, by coincidence I had the same vehicle to Southwold yesterday, and battling the hurricane winds (or so it felt), I did get this pic. I will attempt to get pics of the new services as and when I can.

Anglian 100 at an extremely windy but sunny Southwold yesterday.
Oh iIve heard runours about a coach being repainted somewhere? Any ideas anyone?

On a much more serious note I heard today about an Ipswich Buses driver being badly assaulted yesterday. Initial reports suggested it had been a row over a pushchair but after contacting Ipswich Buses it transpires that a driver on the Shotley route was assaulted by a cyclist and this afternoon was still in hospital. Thoughts go to the driver and his family and SB&TP wishes him a full and speedy recovery. I understand the police are investigating and hope if found guilty the cyclist gets the book thrown at him.

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