Wednesday 13 May 2015

SB&TP twinned with Brazil

It was a joy to wake up this morning to an email from Krayon Klein, who runs a bus blog in Brazil. He has asked me, as well as Andy's Bus Blog and East Norfolk Bus Blog to provide mutual links, and I hope photo exchanges. Wouldn't it be good if this was the start of a International Bus Blog Community. Anyway you can see Krayon's blog, which is entitled OneBus, by clicking here.
The blog is also listed in the side bar with the other linked blogs. Many thanks for getting in touch, Krayon

One of the Brazilian monsters I published over Christmas.

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  1. Blimey what with a "visit" to Mick in America now an "invite" to Brazil there's a lot of flyer miles to be got in this blogging thing lol got to love those Brazilian buses for sheer size if nowt else