Thursday 23 April 2015

Short Set 47's - A Last Hurrah Part Two

On Tuesday I posted pictures taken at the Norwich end of my Short Set journey on Monday, which could be my last oe on the 47's before they are replaced by 37's in May. (see here). In Part Two here is the report from Yarmouth, and the pics taken there.

47 806 basking in the Yarmouth Sun
I'll never get tired of taking pics of these wonderful old locos in sun like this, and I hope you won't get tired of seeing them.

What a sky! Compliments the train perfectly
While at Yarmouth I managed to get a pic of the interior of one of the DRS MkII's on the train

The interior of the MkII DRS coach
At the other end of the set was 47 818, my persnal favourite but my word she was smoking well on Monday and smelling like a ship's engine room!

47 818 at Great Yarmouth
I've no doubt the 37's will look just as impressive, but I'm going to miss the 47's. A charismatic, temperamental, loco that has served the public so well over the last half a century. I hope they stick around on other duties for many years to come.

Can't think of many better sights than that.

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