Friday 24 April 2015

Anglian News 24/4/15

First of all My thanks to Arthur the Anglian Aardvark who got in touch very quickly today to tell me of the arrial of Anglian's latest ex metrobus Scania Omnidekka. 554, registration  YN55 PZC arrived at Ellough Rd today, although as yet it isn't known when she will enter service. Let's hope she lasts a bit longer than 556 did, which is still at Hants & Dorset.

Anglian 554 just arrived at Ellough Rd
Confirmations of the identity
I can also tonight bring you news about the three Tridents, that I was told only last week would be going to Hedingham "eventually". It turns out "eventually" means "almost immediately" as 722 is going down on Monday, 725 on Wednesday and 712 next Friday. That is all, of course subject to last minute changes of plan. So this picture I took today of 722 very unusually on the 7 could well be the last taken of her in active service at Anglian. Actually you have two rarities in one in this pic, as a Konect Optare Tempo - 405 if I remember correctly - is operating the 604 and not the usual bendibus.

Anglian 722 and Konect 405 both on unusual routes today at Norwich Bus Station. 722 is off to Hedingham.

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  1. Knew the Tridents would go quick nothing is hanging about these days Nice news bit mate !