Wednesday 29 April 2015

Another Anglian Update

Just a quick post today to tell you that all three ex Metrobus Scania Omnidekkas are now at Anglian's Beccles depot. The last one to arrive, 555, YN55 PZR arrived late Tuesday evening, although it is not known when it will be pressed into service as like the others there are a couple of minor issues to sort out first

YN55 PZR still showing the random fleet number 1512
And after the correct fleet number had been applied
A quick correction to the Trident transfer to Hedingham. 722 departed as planned on Monday, However instead of 725 following it was 712 that made the trip to Essex yesterday. I am reliably informed that 725 will transfer on Monday next week, Tuesday at the latest. So this pic I took of 712 in Beccles last week signals the end of Anglian liveried Tridents. There will be a couple of special posts over the next few days commemorating the end of some long established Anglian routes and/or route numbers and of course next week I'll be reporting on the new ones.

UPDATE: I have been informed that 712 has gone to Hedingham's Clacton depot, whereas 722 and 725 will be at Tollesbury to replace a couple of Olympians.

Anglian 712 in Beccles last week, now a Hedingham vehicle.
I have also had an update on Gas Bus 104, which was involved in an RTA with an Ambassadoe National Express Levante on the Acle Straight a few weeks ago.Unfortunately the news isn't very positive, and although not officially confirmed yet it looks unlikely that 104 will be seen back in service. If that situation changes I will of course report it.

Before I go I need a bit of help with one of the features I'm doing, so if anyone has pics of buses operating Anglian's old 602 between Yarmouth and Halesworth, or the 62 between Kessingland and Halesworth I'd be really grateful if I could use them. Send them to me at the email address on left hand side and obviously full credit will be given. Many thanks in advance.

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