Monday 20 April 2015

Post Revisited - Miscellaneous Spots 14/11/13

For this weeks post from the early days of the blog I have gone back to November 14 2013 for one very good reason - not one of the vehicles mentioned or photographed in this post are where they were then. They ahve all ether been withdrawn or transferred elsewhere. So although this post is less than 18 months old it has already become a time capsule! Enjoy

On Tuesday I was in Saxmundham meeting a friend and by a slice of luck timed it as Nightingales service 521 came in from Halesworth heading towards Aldeburgh. That service really should link up at Halesworth better with the Anglian network. perhaps Anglian should go for the tender next time it comes up.

Nightingale Mercedes SF59 BXR close to the old Saxmundham Bus Station
Behind it is First Ipswich Scania 65589 which is one that should survive the latest round of withdrawals.

Scania 65589 V589DVF at saxmundham having just changed from a 64 to 64A
Today I had to go to Wickham Market and was quite pleased to see 65550 come round the corner as it just might be my last ride on one of the Superoute Scanias. They have really comfortable seats and I'll be sorry to see them all gone.

The last roller blinded bus in Ipswich! 65550 P550RNG picking me up in Saxmundham
Wickham Market is now where the services meet, and as I got off I saw 65672 heading in the opposite direction.

Scania 65672 SN51 UYE at Wickham Market heading for Saxmundham. The destination screen was working fine, but my phone didn't capture it for some reason
65550 and 65672 pass at Wickham Market. I know which one I'd rather stay.
69432 AU58 FFV still with Co-op wrap ad taking me home. Apologies for no number plate but toook it in a rush!
Have First forgotten to take the ad off 69432? Does anyone know of any other vehicles still in this ad? I know the Norwich bus used had it taken off ages ago. Now the new co-op ads are out. Anyway apart from the ad she is unique as the only one of the batch to still have a Barbie front.


  1. So the latest report is that Norfolk green are to drop the name and current livery to all be part of stagecoach east from may 1st I knew this would happen

  2. I guess it was inevitible at some point, although it must be stressed nothing has been confirmed about name or livery. Anglian, Konect etc are all part of Go-Ahead East now but names and liveries aren't changing. It just helps with common insurance policies etc. So we will have to see. They have only recently painted vehicles up and you're not telling me this was only thought of today. I've learned not to speculate too much, and believe me "trusted sources" are wrong more often than they are right.

    1. OK more details have emerged and the Norfolk Green livery is to be phased out but it will be a long process, with vehicles only being repainted when they are due one anyway. Retired vehicles will be replaced by vehicles in Stagecoach livery. So the green won't be totally erased from Norfolk for a bit yet.

  3. Yup so u know what to expect very soon don't ya more cast offs from else where Dennis drats and alx tridents from London as that's pretty much the standard for stagecoach

  4. Oh yeah its this weekend I'm down will b in Norwich briefly about lunchtime