Wednesday 22 April 2015

North Carolina Special Part Two

Welcome to Part Two of what I believe will be the introductory feature by former Norfolkian Mick Capon of the bus scene in North Carolina. If you missed Part One then click here because you'll need to read the description of the area and how the transit system works that Mick supplied.

In Part One I said that the Gillig buses looked rather Dart like. Mick assures me this is not the case and that the Gilligs, and indeed all US buses are extremely solidly built - like the proverbial outhouses! So let's look at more examples of what's running around in Mick's back yard!

First up is a Go Raleigh (the three districts are Durham, Raleigh and Chapel Hill) Gillig Advantage in the new livery only recently introduced.

Go Raleigh's Gillig Advantage
Next we have a Triangle Transit Gillig Advantage in a revised livery that clearly wasn't that popular as it's now obsolete.

Can't say I like it that much either!
So this is what replaced it. Here is a Go Triangle Gillig Advantage in the new livcry. One thing Mick told me is that buses in the US come with alloy wheels as standard, which are obviously easier to keep clean, if more expensive. Bet you'd find them easier for your brooms, Paulo!

Go Triangle's Gillig Advantage with very shiny wheels!
Finaly Mick sends a pic of all three Go agencies (operators) together. Incidentally in America an operator is called an Agency and the driver an operator. It's english, Jim, but not as we know it! Anyway here are Go Raleigh, Durham, and Triangle together. Many thanks to Mick for the pics, and I hope there will be more from him very soon. Looking at the picture below I can't help wondering if the wrong colour ever goes on the wrong route.....

The three Go vehicles

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