Wednesday 8 April 2015

Yarmouth Obs and Blog News

Yesterday I spent a couple of hours in Great Yarmouth getting computer lessons from Cameron from Great Yarmouth Bus Page.... well to be fair the lessons didn't last long as what I wanted to do can't be done so we headed back from the library to Market Gates for some lunch and a spot of, well, spotting. Cameron was buzzing here there and everywhere taking pics, as you can see in his post here, but I was just happy to enjoy the first warm day of the year and wait for something unexpected to happen. And so something unexpected happened. I had just commented that I hadn't seen either of the X1 Excel liveried Geminis for a bit when lo and behold one of them turned up. On the 7 to Belton. As rare workings go that's right up there and was enough to stir even me into action to get a pic. My camera didn't catch the destination as bright as Cameron's did, but thought I'd better use my pic to prove I was there!

37573 on the 7 to Belton
Indeed it was a day for rare workings. It's always good to see an Ollie working normal services, and 34111 was doing just that on the 8's today. You'll have to take my word for it as those screens are notoriously difficult to catch on camera - although the side one is showing ok.

34111 on the 8 to Caister
I guess I should apologise for the next one but my New Year's Resolution lasted 97 days so not to bad. However it was sunny and she looked good. Might be the last pic I take of her in this livery. Apparently the Facebook page I set up in protest at her repainting has now well over 600 likes!

33423 looking as good as ever in the Yarmouth sun
This is one Cameron didn't get as he had jumped on Roger's bus to Caister. Nice to meet you at long last, Roger, and hope to have a much longer natter in the near future. While I was wating for my 61 Sanders ex Neeves Scania Omnilink came in on the 6, a route I have only seen her on a couple of times. Another bus who responds nicely to the sun.

Sanders ex Neeves Scania Omnilink YN08 HXZ on the 6 to North Walsham
I had travelled into Yarmouth on Anglian's on loan E200. It was as you would expect from an on loan vehicle - it's ok but rattles a fair bit. It was pretty full and hot and maybe a bit small for the route. Incidentally I am hoping to have a meeting with Dave Jordan, Commercial Manager at Anglian to discuss the forthcoming changes coming in May on Friday, so look out for the report of that meeting.

Anglian's on loan E200 YW14 FHS at Beccles
Now onto the blog news. You will have noticed a couple of added sections to the blog. The train posts are becoming more and more popular - in fact the top three posts for the last month are all train posts - so I was hoping to post all things rail on a separate page. However, that isn't possible, so instead I will be using the rail page to reference all the rail posts for easy access. I will be posting rail news as much as possible and I'm hoping to secure a regular news feed subject to mutual agreement. I'll keep you informed on progress.

I am also starting a fleet list page, and once again I am grateful to Cameron for agreeing to let me link to the fleet lists he has created for his own blog. At the moment 4 lists are up and more will be added as soon as Cameron puts them up. In return his Flickr page is permanently linked in the side bar of all pages and I urge you to visit it often, as his camera is kept very busy! It is always good to strike up partnerships or working relationships with other blogs as we are all in the same hobby ultimately and it's much nicer to be friends!

I also intend to set up a gallery of  pics used on the blog, as so often pics are used and forgotten about. That will be quite a long project, as there are many, many pics to upload or copy, and again I'll keep you updated.

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