Monday 27 April 2015

Anglian 554 On Road

Today saw the first day in service of Anglian's latest Metrobus reject sorry refurbished transfer Scania 554 YN55 PZC. Despite being transferred up for the 88 it was out on the 61/7 today. I caught it from Norwich to Yarmouth,  the ride is good and apart from a horrible vibration from the destination display access door when stationary it rattles less than 556 does.

However for the entire length of the journey there was a constant bleeping noise which was extremely irritating and clearly shouldn't have been there. So let's see how long 554 lasts compared to 556.

Anglian 554 at Castle Meadow
At Market Gates heading towards Kessingland
And the near side view
Sorry for the lack of posts in recent days. Hopefully normal post frequency will resume soon and to those who have sent in contributionsany thanks and they'll be up in due course.


  1. Did the beeping stop ? I saw there's 2 more ready according to Hants and Dorset le:-) let's hope its not a new design feature

  2. One of those two is 556, sent back down for remedial work to be done. That had better be better when it returns. No the bleeping didn't stop!

  3. Hi steve galloway update the mercedes demo is here for at least one more week as galloway are short of buses (breakdowns etc) the dealer has told galloway it can stay until it's needed else where

    1. Thanks David, I hope others make the effort to ride it while it's still around.

    2. Do we know if Galloway will buy any?

    3. Good question! Over to you, David!

  4. Replies
    1. Well hello stranger! Who are you driving for now - if anyone? A certain operator is getting very short staffed again!