Friday 6 February 2015

Mercedes Benz Demonstrator In Action

Unless you live in a cave you will know by now that Ipswich Buses have a Mercedes Benz Citaro K demonstrator on loan for a couple of weeks, first reported on Norwich Buses Blog, complete with the revolutionary Euro 6 engine that exhales cleaner air than it inhales. All very clever. So naturally David was out and about getting pictures of the latest IB 500, first of all in the depot, and then almost inevitibly with Leon Wells on the late X3's, in what looks an incredibly wet Ipswich Town Centre. I will be in Ipswich next week to ride and review it.

Mercedes Citaro K demonstrator BG63 VVE at Constantine Rd depot         pic (c DW
Under cover, waiting to go out                 pic (c) DW
Now that's dedication! IB 500 sits in pouring rain at Tower Ramparts       pic (c) DW
It takes a special type of photographer to stand out in that kind of weather - I think the technical term is "nutcase" - and to think David asked me if I thought the pics were ok when he sent them in! David they are far better than ok and I dread to think how numb your fingers were by time you'd finished.

I just love this pic - Leon Wells departs Tower Ramparts en route for John Lewis   pic (c) DW
If I thought he was mad yesterday then David has surpassed himself today by going out in a gentle Summer's breeze howling Arctic gale to get more pics of the Merc on Ipswich Psrk and Ride

IB 500 on Ipswich P&R today       pic (c) DW
The frst rear view. I think it looks quite smart to be honest.     pic (c) DW
Now in case anyone is under the impression that this is an indication that Ipswich Buses are about to turn super green, news reached me yesterday that they have just purchased three 02 reg Pointer Darts from Lothian Buses, so it would appear most definitely not! More details as and when I get them.

I would also like to wish Cameron Robinson, from Yarmouth Bus Page a very Happy Birthday.  Have agood one mate!

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