Tuesday 3 February 2015

More Ipswich Refurbs

While I'm dealing with official stuff there is also a change in blog policy. Over recent days material and information published here has been reproduced very quickly elsewhere with no credit given. So from today ALL posts and information within those posts on SB&TP are copyright UNLESS due credit for the information is given. Anyone is free to download my pics for private ownership but not for publication without permission except those I already have arrangements with.

OK enough serious stuff so let's get onto the fun. Those who thought refurbs in Ipswich were finished were sadly mistaken. It was brought to my attention last night that Ipswich Buses Dart 93 X93 LBJ has been sent to Hants & Dorset for a makeover. I am grateful to Malcolm Robson of Ipswich Buses for replying to my enquiring email so promptly giving me details of the programme. Currently the plans are for 4 vehicles to be refurbished, with "new e leather seating, livery, Wi-Fi, new paint coating on stanchions and a general, deep clean along with ugrade to PASVAR 2000". For those of you who, like me, haven't a Scooby what PASVAR 2000 is it simply means PSV Access Requirements, better known to us as DDA. To stop any rumours in their tracks this is NOT for any new route, just preparations for DDA 2016, which affects all single deck buses.

Ipswich Buses 93, the first X reg Dart to be refurbished        pic (c) David Warren
And in this season of refurbishments the latest Beestons refurb was spotted by David yesterday. Still with its double doors Scania Omnidekka  YN54 OAH was on display at Old Cattle Market. I'll endeavour to get a ride on one of the refurbished Scanias soon.

Still awaiting vinyls Beestons YN54 OAH in new colours
Finally today I was truly lucky to get pics of the refurbished GA coach 12013 yesterday, as by this morning it had already been removed from the set for reasons unknown.


  1. Just a point, there a three main blogs in the area if i'm right and you all cover near enough the same area. I think there's a bit of a different between copying and reporting the same thing. There's only one way to eat an elephant... in slices. There's only one way to report the same news..... It;s a mnultiple way cycle between the blogs, you all report the same things one after another

  2. Couldn't agree more, Chris, and it is inevitible that we will all get news first at one time or another and until recently if news was read elsewhere then republished it would come with "East Norfolk Bus Blog reports etc...". That is plaiin courtesy, and I must add at this point that ENBB is tops for courtesy. It is just recently I have reported things and hours later the same news has appeared elsewhere without credit. That is all I ask - credit where it is deserved and news not purported to be fresh when it has already been published.

    The same applies to pictures taken from Flickr. I am meticulous in giving due credit and links to any pics I take from Flickr, as is required under Creative Commons Licence. There are those who don't, and that is just plain disrespectful to the guys generous enough to allow their pics to be downloaded. There is protocol, and some don't follow it as closely as others.

    1. Lots of you get news from the same source; the management. Suppose the management told more than one blog the same piece of information; would you propose that everyone should give credit to the first person who published the information?

    2. No of course not, Sam - you quote the manager like I did Malcolm Robson today, or the website involved. No one is in any doubt where i got the information from. I just didn't reveal who tipped me off and that's fair enough. I didn't post anything though until I had verified the information. If the manager in questioon doesn't want his name mentioned then the information quiite simply shouldn't be published unless you can use the words "a First manager" for example. Then everyone is clear. I would not complaiin if someone published something we had been told together and i published first - of course not - that often happens to me as I have longer journeys home and quite often am not the first to publish. On those occasions, however, we normally say how good it was to see X and Y at Z today where we were told etc.

      The other thing, of course is not to claim an exclusive when it isn't - ie knowing that others already know and will be posting about it.

  3. Something you'll be pleased to hear Steve, is that Greater Anglia have changed their delay announcements. They seem to have stopped the awful "We would like to thank customers for their patience..." announcement, replacing it with "The xx service to is delayed, and will depart in x minutes".

  4. That is great news, as you are right, the old one was breathtakingly patronising. Does the new one apologise?

  5. YN54 OAH now has BEESTONS written on the front and sides. Really uncomfortable though.