Friday 13 February 2015

Weekend Preview

Not so much a post as a blatant plug tonight - if you have been following the twitter feed today mixed up in all the nonsense was a very happy bunny proudly displaying his STEVE Award. I'm pleased to reveal that 5 awards have now been presented and so a special post with pics will be posted on Sunday, as that is the day most people log in to read. As a result this week's news round up will be posted tomorrow (Saturday), which will include a new feature in a weekly transport quiz, some superb pics from Dave of Borismasters, and of course details of tonight's unfortunate incident in Norwich involving one of the on loan Yorkshire Renowns. At this rate 65542 might be resurrected!

There may also be a statement regarding other events today, but I will wait and see what pans out over the next few hours. I hope it will not be necessary.

I can't just post without a pic going up so here is the bus of the moment, ex Ipswich, and now ex Norwich I guess Scania 65588 on the latest leg of its tour of the network. I understand that the plans to retire her have been well and truly shelved, and only MOT expiry or serious mechanical failure will see her withdrawn with so many things happening to the rest of the fleet. Gorleston's finest blogger (had to really think about that in case I accidentally insulted anyone), Roy, from the truly magnificent East Norfolk Bus Blog has kindly sent me this pic to put up of our new heroine in Gorleston High St. Only after it had been up on his 24hrs though but I guess I'll give him that one - he also got first pics of newly repainted Gemini 37573 back at Yarmouth today so pop over there and take a look!

65588 working out of Yarmouth on an 8 to JPH         pic (c) eastnorfolkbus

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