Saturday 14 February 2015

Weekly News Round Up 14/2/15

Welcome to this week's round up, which is brought to you with love this Valentines Day! It's a day early this week due to the special STEVE Awards post going up tomorrow. I can say with all certainty that this has been the most enjoyable week since I started the blog, and I'm getting qute excited about the future. I even had one manager say to me yesterday (I spoke to 5 managers yesterday so no , not obvious) that there was the potential and probably the market to go national, and that was possibly the nicest compliment anyone has paid. Quite a dream but a long way off yet.

Clearly the news today surrounds the incident in Norwich involving Lowestoft's on loan Volvo B10B Renown 62143. According to three people were hurt, though none of the injuries are thought to be life threatening. The front of the bus appears to be quite badly damaged, although I guess it will be down to First Yorkshire if it is worth repairing or not. What I do despise, however, is how the report has a woman, who was 30 miles from the incident saying it's worryng how a bus can be in an accident so close to the bus station. As yet no one knows how it happened so to cast aspersions on the bus is unprofessional by the reporter to say the least. This pic is taken from edp24's Facebook page.

62143 buried in the perimeter fence of the new YMCA building.       Pic by edp24
Now I must mention Galloway's new Levante which is yet to appear on any fleetlist. My thanks as usual go to David Green for keeping me updated on all things Galloway. Fleet number 341 is a Volvo (not sure what type) Levante FJ61 EYG which has entered service on the 250 Heathrow service still in plain white. I understand she will be painted into NE livery in due course.

Now most of the First news has been reported already this week so to quickly recap Yarmouth Dart 42921 is still at Norwich, Norwich Volvo B7l 66301 which was at Yarmouth is now back at Norwich, and Ipswich Scania 65588 which was at Norwich is now at Yarmouth. All clear on that? Lowestoft ALX400 30886 has returned with its DDA conversion complete, including new Destination screens, with 30900 going the other way. I asked Chris Speed if the new screens meant the Ipswich ALX400 would be treated the same and the answer was an emphatic no as they are already DDA compliant. Spoilsport! UPDATE: To cover for a vehicle shortage at Ipswich Scania 65579 has been brought out of retirement. Thanks to Joe Thorpe for posting this pic on Twitter

65579 back at Ipswich.    pic (c) joe Thorpe
The latest Norwich repaint entered service on Monday. Former Yarmouth Plaxton President 33203 has been given the Ribena (original) treatment and is now the fourth Purple Line liveried bus. I didn't know it was her first day, or even that it was a new repaint - serious senior moment -  when I took the pic which is why I didn't report it. Now you know why I have recruited help!

Newly painted 32203 in Castle Meadow
Anglian's gas buses have been dropping like flies this week, which has been causing some concern over at Beccles. This has meant lots of Scanias on the 7/61 and 05 reg Scanias on the full length 88. Still can't understand why the Tridents are going to Hedingham when Anglian are so clearly short of spare vehicles. I'm pretty sure I know what the problem is, but obviously can't say what on here. The problem is not unique to Anglian though.

Now a bit of a treat for you. Tim Miller has sent me a video which is meant to be showcasing the Short Set on a windy day at Haddiscoe. And it does very well, but it also shows just how lonely the life of an enthusiast can be, and how you have to be very content with your own company at times. It's a brilliant video, giving good detail and hstory of Haddiscoe, and great shots of the Short Set too. Many thanks, Tim.

And finally I'm going to introduce a new feature to the round up -a weekly transport quiz. Please note so to not spoil it for anyone else answers must be only sent by email and NOT in comments - please don't answer in comments.

Ok today's question is this. How many buses in Norfolk and Suffolk can you think of that have had 4 or more liveries. Overall wraps, coaches and demonstrators do NOT count! I can think of 4 so will be interested to see if anyone can come up with any others.UPDATE: 3 of my 4 are wrong! So to my knowledge there is only one unless you know different!

Have a great week everyone and don't forget that special post tomorrow.

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  1. Hi steve galloways 341 lavante is a volvo b9r very similar to the others in the fleet don't know the history of it but l got told it work around Scotland and north England