Thursday 12 February 2015

No Smoke Without Fire!

I am breakiing blog policy tonight by only posting a short post, but both stories need publicising. First of all you may have seen -- in fact I know some of you have from the enquiries I have received - that a double decker suffered an engine fire on the A14 near Ipswich today. I can confirm that the vehicle involved was First Ipswich Volvo B7tl 32486 but there was not, I repeat not any serious damage.

Seen in Norwich today this Shearings Grand Tourer Setra
 The second big fire story of the day is the heroic actions of First Braintree driver Andy Waterman who was flagged down by a group of people while on way back to the depot. A third floor flat was on fire and the occupant, a poor chap who was in the shower at the time had no escape route, so Andy reversed the bus up so the unlucky chap could jump onto the roof of the bus. The driver then moved the bus, complete with naked man on the roof away form the fire at whch point the fire servcie turned up and after throwing some clothes up to the fire refugee, rescued him.

A great story, well done to the driver, and you can read the full report with pics by clicking here.

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