Wednesday 26 November 2014

An Hour In Lowestoft

While en route today to Yarmouth to try and get on more of the new Lampposts I decided to stop off at Lowestoft as I haven't spent much time there recently. First of all my apologies as the photos aren't up to the usual quality - I unintentionally left my camera at home and had to rely on my phonecam, which still hasn't been fixed!

On arrival at Lowestoft I was immediately met with the sight of yet another Lowestoft Gemini on the X1. This is becoming a regular occurance, and today 37571 was operating the diagram normally operated by 33423. I did observe 33423 at Norwich later back on its usual 1605 departure so I assume it relieved 37571 on its return

37571 departs Lowestoft on the X1
There were many Geminis on the X1 today - in fact the first 4 X1's I saw were all Geminis! Apart from 37571 I also saw 37575/6/8, catching 37578 to Jame Paget myself later. However before that I saw recent transfer from Great Yarmouth ex Jersey Dart 43862 operating on the 99 to Kessingland.

ExJersey Dart 43862 leaves Lowestoft for Kessingland
Not long after that another Yarmouth Dart came in. 42921 had been spotted on the X2 yesterday but today it was working on the 103's. I understand that it is not a transfer but on loan to Lowestoft to cover for extra Bernard Matthews Contract work at this time of year. Are turkeys in demand then???

Great Yarmouth Dart 42921 on loan to Lowestoft departs Lowestoft for Carlton Colville
If you glance to the right you will see the back of Anglian's ex Konect Loylne Trident 725 which was operating on the 60 to Beccles. A giant amongst a crowd of Solos on that route!

Anglian 725 arrives at Lowestoft from Beccles
And then it was time to take my leave of Lowestoft and head for James Paget Hosipital for a spot of Lamppost hunting, which was a success, but I'll save that for an other post. I'll leave you with X1 Gemini 37578 which still looks rather good, and once again my apologies for the quality of the pics, but something is better than nothing.

Volvo B9tl Gemini 37578 arrives at Lowestoft on the X1 already showing it's next journey

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  1. Great post photos taken on phone are not good at all I have to use my phone to take photos because my camera broke getting a new phone at Christmas the photos are ok but not normal quality.