Sunday 23 November 2014

Weekly News Round Up 23/11/14

It has been a quiet week with nothing major happening that hasn't already been reported, so apologies if this Round Up isn't as long as normal.


Movements this week are that 32491 and 66978 have gone up to Rotherham and 66982/4 have returned. That means the only B7tls left to get the Ipswich treatment are 32494/656 that are already in the Corporate livery. 66976 is due from Colchester tomorrow and will go straight up to Rotherham, with 69006 due from Norwich in a week's time.

As has been widely reported all the Streetlites are now in service at Yarmouth, and Cameron from Yarmouth Bus Page was out yesterday getting as many rides and pics as he could.

The midibus Grand Prix at JPH with 47506 leading 47505 and 43863      pic Yarmouth Bus Page
It turns out that the Jersey Dart in the background was rescuing and replacing 47506 which had developed a fault. The first of many teething probs that can be expected in the coming weeks. The arrival of the Lampposts has released Jersey Dart 43862 to be transferred to Lowestoft, with others expected to follow.

In Norwich another President is about to return with yet another variation on the Corporate livery. Trident 33060 now has RED "Norwich" vinyls. It remains to be seen what the official version will be with everyone claiming they know but saying different things. I'll just wait and see and hope it's neither of the two currently on view.


I am grateful to Malcolm Jones, who has sent me a pic of new Streetlite 47512 at Heysham Docks, which is bound for Norwich. Many thanks Malcolm.

First Norwich 47512 at heysham Docks.   pic (c) Malcolm Jones

Anglian Bus

Anglian announced this week the details of some timetable changes in January on certain routres, as revealed on this round up last week. The main changes come to the 88, where a couple of journeys have been designated as X88, which basically means they miss out Ditchingham and Brooke. The morning journey leaves Halesworth at 0712,and despite omitting those villages only arrives in Norwich one minute earlier, so I assume more running time has been allowed Norwich end for traffic.

However the return journey is somewhat baffling. The 88X leaves Norwich at 1530, and yes reduces the running time to Halesworth to under an hour, but for who? It is too early for school passengers or most students/workers, and most shoppers go home on the 1400/1500 from Norwich. It is quite frankly the last time I was expecting. Even more baffling is the return of the 1600 from Norwich to its original semi fast route, missing out Trouse, Woodton and Broome. But where is the alternative for those using those places, who until September had the 1555 relief serving those places. There is a lot of school traffic on that service and it seems they have been somewhat overlooked. The new 87 timetable has a note stating the 1615 from Norwich extends from Poringland to Bungay, but that is not evident in the new 88 timetable which shows the first 87 to extend to Bungay as the 1645. If I find it confusing so will the passengers. Full details can be found on the Anglian website.


Borderbus's E300 is off the road for a bit with heating probs, so BB62 BUS is stepping in to cover the school duties that the E300 normally does. In return 105, the "Pocket Rocket"  BB07 BUS is covering on the 146. Have to confess it is the first E200 I have ever looked forward to travelling on again!

The right destination showing as the E300 is off the road for heating repairs
On The Railways

Oh dear Lord another awful week for Abelio Greater Anglian as the day it was announced that 36,000 services have been cancelled since they took over the franchise, there was a fatality between Colchester and Manningtree Friday evening that cause utter chaos - trains were backed up to Witham waiting to get into Colchester. However, while I don't normally report speculation on here rumours have been bounded about that GA are hiring in some extra rolling stock to counter overcrowding on the Norwich-London line due to coaches being away for painting/refurbishment. Actually that isnj't a rumour it's true, but it's what might be coming that is the source of rumour.

DVT 82126 with the Pretendolino at Euston
Dubbed the "Pretendolino" this Mark III set was recently withdrawn by Virgin Trains, and it would fit in perfectly with the GEML stock as it is hauled by a Class 90 with a Class 82 on the rear. However the standard of the interior would appear to be far superior with power sockets and complete refurbishment. Presumably this would enable a GA set to be split so extra coaches could be added to other sets thus reducing the overcrowding. We shall see but it all adds up.

And finally as I was writing this post there was a major incident at Charing Cross station in Central London when a fire broke out on a train. It would appear a ceramic pot exploded under the train which caused some electrics to catch fire. I've seen a pot explode and it really is quite something. Anyway a full report by the Telegraph is available by clicking here, although it must be said the video is terrible!

have a good week everyone.,


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    1. The black vinyls on the other one were also confirmed as a mistake by another manager so no one actually knows what is meant to be going on them. That is why I'm just waiting and observing.

  2. All repaints will have Black and White ones fitted

  3. My word Newcastle DID work a number on you lol The Magpies arrive in Norwich! Surely rainbow ones to relate to the Norwich Network would have worked and been well psychedelic, man!