Wednesday 26 November 2014

Ipswich Obs and Other Bits

A bit of an odd assortment today with irregular workings, new brandings, repaints and a sick Scania.

I had to go to Ipswich today for a meeting and my camera was kept rather busy. First off was a very rare outing for an E200 on a country route. Due to traffic chaos caused by an accident on the A14 which resulted in traffic being diverted through Ipswich, 44516 was pressed into service on the 64. Luckily for me I was waiting at Wickham Market for a bus to Ipswich when it came along giving me the opportunity to get it on camera. Even more lucky was that I was going the other way!

44516 on unfamiliar territory at Wickham Market
I travelled to Ipswich on loanee First Yorkshire Renown 62143 cursing the lack of WiFi - remember how positive I was about on board WiFi? While travelling down Woodbridge Rd I spotted one of the 05 reg ALX400;s ahead on the 66. When we caught it up I noticed that for the first time one of that batch - 32655 -  has been fitted with guide wheels so can traverse the monumentally short Kesgrave Busway!

32655 complete with just about visible guide wheel at Tower Ramparts
 I was later informed that all 3 05 reg ALX400's will be branded for the 66. There will be two 53 reg ALX400's also branded - 32493, which according to Clive from Ipswich Bus Blog was hilariously on the 64/5 today having been the first to get the Superoute 66 branding applied, and 32488, which only arrived back from Rotherham last night and was in the stages of being branded when I saw it in the depot late this afternoon. To see the full 66 branding on IBB click here.

Top Rear of 32488 with Superoute 66 branding
32488 under the lights at Ipswich Depot
Another repaint to report is that of the the first 02 reg Trident to be repainted down the road at Ipswich Buses. I spotted IB 11 at Tower Ramparts as I alighted from 62143 and so captured it. Must admit that livery is growing on me and is certainly far more vibrant than the old green and white as sported by the Dart behind.

Ipswich Buses 11 LG02 FCX at Tower Ramparts
And finally tonight I got home to find an email sent to me showing a rather poorly Anglian Scania decker. The sender has asked to remain anonymous, which of course I respect, but the question I do have to ask is where was this pic taken? I'm wracking my brains, what there is of them, and can't place it. Wherever it is this must have been quite a sight once on the move. No shame or criticsm of anyone as all buses suffer breakdowns from time to time - it's inevitible.

A poorly Scania Decker, but where?


  1. Thats that shortcut road by Notre Dame High School. Go out bus station bottom and turn right. Straight over traffic lights and voila :D

    1. So that would have been one of the shorter 88 journeys in history. Cheers Zak

  2. X1 broken down earlier at mag arms was an enviro 400 due to broken air line so lost braking.. Only made it from Lowestoft lol

  3. I hope that bus gets well soon great post only just catching up reading them.