Tuesday 4 November 2014

Notes From Norwich

A quick visit into Norwich today to pick up a few bits and pieces for the exbedition that starts tomorrow, ok a trip into Dereham too to get some socks (fun, fun, fun) but a few noteable sightings too.

We start with BorderBus and I discovered that leaving at the time I did today it's actually quicker to get the 62 to Beccles and change to the 146 than it is to get the hard seated 88 direct. A lesson learned there. So here is BB62 BUS sporting its Movember Moustache.

BorderBus 104 BB62 BUS in St Stephen's St, Norwich with Movember Moustache
Now if you remember my recent interview with Philip Eden at Anglian I reported that they were getting 3 Scania double deck buses next year from Metrobus. However the details were still sketchy. I can reveal tonight, thanks to a source close to Anglian (told The Sun I could do the job) that they will be 06 registered East Lancs Omnidekkas currently working on Metrobus's London Operations. An example is shown below. They will have the centre door removed, be repainted and be completely refurbished before arriving at Anglian.

Mterobus 919 YN06 JYD in Croydon.
On the subject of newish buses Norfolk Green had one of their newish E300's on display in Norwich today. Looks quite good and would have looked even better with a working destination display. This is the only picture I got of her as thanks to a P&R entering the bus station at the wrong split second the pic I'd waited 10 mins for was wrecked!

Norfolk Green 27642 AD E300 GX10 HBU at Norwich Bus Station
Also on display were some new vinyls for Anglian's gas buses. Not all of them are done and my apologies as I have no idea which one this is as I was still puffing after a brisk walk from Castle Meadow to get this pic, but I assume they will be going on the whole fleet. The last slogan saying "not getting any more" appears to have been left off!

The new vinyls on Anglian gas bus.
I also saw another impressive coach to match the one Bryan Dickson saw the other day. This magnificent Mercedes Neoplan Cityliner belongs to 2Way coaches of Scunthorpe and has the quite impressive registration of  X1 2WAY. No jokes about the X1 please - I've already thought of them all! I have to say this beast sounded like an HST at idling speed and had a certain presence about it.

2Way's impressive Mercedes Neoplan Cityliner
Finally tonight the humbugs came out in a big way. It isn't even Bonfire Night yet but Alfa Travel seem to think that's no reason to have bloody Christmas decorations up in their coaches. I mean REALLY!!!! Newsflash - wishing someone Merry Christmas at the beginning of November makes you look a right numpty! Humbug!


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