Monday 3 November 2014

Spotting In The Rain

First of all a disclaimer. I HAD to go to Ipswich today. No choice - believe me had I been able to stay at home I would have done, but needs must when you live 20 miles from the nearest bank.

The day started by going to Wickham Market for a funeral and I have to report that Gryffindor House aka Ipswich depot have done it again. With so many refurbished vehicles around now I was rather non plussed when on loan Wright Renown Volvo B10 60618 honed into view. I soon felt rather silly as I realised just what work the Ipswich boys have done on it. I can't pay a hgher tribute than to say if it popped home for a quick repaint before coning back to Ipswich as one of the fleet you'd hear no complaints from me. Warm, smooth, quiet, next to no rattles, well padded seats -what more do you ask from a bus? I'll be sorry to see it go.

A very impressive 60618 at Wickham Market this morning.
Another pleasant surprise was the journey on B7tl 32490 into Ipswich. Actually I shouldn't have been surprised as that journey is always decker operated - I'd just not twigged I was getting it! On the way to Ipswich the rain started and boy did it come down. So I took refuge for a late lunch in an establishment where I could see some buses and wasn't disappointed. Let us jump in the Tardis and go back 11 years, courtesy of Stephen Hughes, whose Flickr page you can access here.  In November 2003 Stephen took a pic of Ipswich Buses Optare Excel 172 in Park & Ride livery outside what is now Revolution in Ipswich.

IB 172 Optare Excel YG52 DGE on P&R in Ipswich   pic Stephen Hughes
Let us now get back in the Tardis and come back to the present day - and what was operating P&R today? Yup you got it! Back on familiar territory 172 was at it again.

Welcome back!! 172 on P&R duties 11 years later.
Also out today was the most recent arrival back at Ipswich from refurb, Volvo B7tl 32489. I spotted her leaving Ipswich on a soon to be axed 55 to Bixley, so waited at Tower Ramparts for her return.

32489 with still shiny silver wheels on the 55's today
Finally today I have to thank Borderbus for bringing a smile to my face yesterday. They have found a way to make an E200 look good simply by giving it a moustache for Movember month. I think the tache really adds something and maybe that's it. Could the creators of Thomas the Tank Engine all those years ago have got it right and buses need proper faces. After all the eyes are there so in this day of vinyls let's have faces on buses if only to break up the monotony! I'm using the pics Borderbus published on Twitter yesterday so hoping they don't mind!

BB14 BUS with new moustache.Please call it Mario - it has to be done!

The 146 fleet with their moustaches. Very classy!


  1. Moustache's at first years old,has to be a first,all that's needed now is the barbers/butchers pinny,they can then break into song.
    People like to make a fuss on an Eastern Counties bus,very fitting.

  2. Should read five years old,not first,sorry ...