Wednesday 1 April 2015

A Few Bits & Pieces

This was one of those days where I was out socialsing more than any particular agenda. That means sometimes you get lucky, and I did get lucky today 3 times in ten mins!

First of all though Malcolm Robson has sent me me pics of one of the Lothian Darts that arrived Monday evening. There will be 4 of these 03 reg Darts, to eventually replace 4 of the East Lancs Darts that have been deemed unworthy of DDA conversion - they are 92/5/6/9 X92/5/6/199 LBJ. Many thanks, Malcolm, and I'm going to have a task training your successor to be as accommodating and friendly as yourself!

One of the new ex Lothian Dart SPD's for Ipswich Buses SN53 AVM in Constantine Rd depot
And the view from the rear.

The Darts will be sent down to Hants & Dorset trim for repaint and upgrades.

My first port of call via Beccles was Great Yarmouth, where I had lunch and a couple of hours with Cameron from Great Yarmouth Bus Page, and it was good to see two Ollies come oout to play - 34109 was on the 8's but was taken off rather inconveniently while Cameron was on it heading to Caister to get some pictures. 34111 was on the 6/7 in the morning and I passed it near Bungay later on Bernard Matthews duties. Anglian Optare Excel 229 was on the 81's and also a Scania I haven't seen for sometime - 462, the oldest Scania left at Anglian, that has spent much of the last few months off the road being fixed.

Anglian 462 YN03 WRJ in Yarnouth today
I decided to go home via Norwich, and very pleased I was too. As we approached Norwich Bus Station I spotted a very rare sight - BorderBus 101 on the 146. This is the vehicle usually on the 521, but has just been MOT'd wiith 106 (BB07 BUS) covering so naturally I was keen to get a picture. But while en route from the bus station to St Stephen's St I saw a Konect E400 on the 4. I'm sure there must have been E400's on the 4 before but I'm not sure I've ever seen one as it's normally the domain of either Optare Tempos or Gemini B7's. Had to grab a pic of that!

Konect 604 SN10 CEX on the 4 today
No sooner had I put my camera down and started back towards St Stephen's St that I saw BorderBus 101 coming round the corner. Panic stations set in epspecially when the driver zoomed up the outside lane, but the photo Gods were on my side. I thought the numberplate was going to be totally obscured and it wasn't until I cropped the pic I realised that if you look through the windows of the car with the interested dog you get a perfect view of the numberplate! Couldn't manage that again if I tried a million times. So it's ok BorderBus - you can put it back on the 521 tomorrow as I have my pic! Didn't it used to have roof vinyls though?

BorderBus 101, BB14 BUS very rarely on the 146 in Norwich
 Finally I have heard numerous reports over the last week or so claiming that Anglian Trident 712 had basically expired and we would never see it out on the road again. I have heard everything from a blown engine to it being cannibalised. So you can imagine my surprise when I saw it gleaming in the sunshine at Norwich Bus Station this afternoon. Not only that but it became my bus back to Bungay, and she is going as well as ever. Another example of don't post till you have proof! I can say, however that the new Scania 556 is proving a little troublesome and may, I repeat MAY not be around for a bit.

Not dead yet! Anglian 712 at Norwich Bus Station today..

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