Thursday 2 April 2015

Just Swanning Around

A couple of months ago someone passed comment that all I did was spend all day swanning around on buses. It was how I got my Twitter name of the Swanorak. The thing is that's actually the last thing I'm normally doing as there is usually a pretty good reason for being on every bus I get on. It's either getting to or from a pick up point for Suffolk Links so I can get to the destination of the day, or I am on a vehicle for a particular reason, ie review, or sampling a new route. The huge majority of the time I am thinking about posts, what to write about that evening, is the bus rattling, what's the passenger load, am I going to make my connection etc. Yes, I do plan to get on buses of people I know when I can, but that's only if I can accomplish the aims of the day too. Very seldom do I just go out on a bus for pleasure these days.

So today I did just that. I had some provisions for the weekend to get and I included a couple of bus journeys that were for my pleasure only, doing what I used to do as a kid. I did a big post on BorderBus on Tuesday (see here) , so I knew riding around on the 146 wasn't going to generate a huge post, but it was what I wanted to do so I did it. I also wanted to confirm that BB09 BUS is probably the best E200 in the country. It is. I went from Wangford to Beccles on it and it's just the best. I also noted bigger, stronger rivets in BB07 BUS to combat the rattling. Impressive. I got back to Pakefeld, did my shopping then had arranged my minibus home to pick me up from Wangford so I could spend time with Malcolm,, just nattering and talking about past times and how actually, Suffolk isn't a bad place to live and work. No worrying about getting pics, what other blogs were posting, rushing to get somewhere first, constantly checking Twitter in case I was missing something (fat chance with the signal out there). Just a decemt few hours, on decent buses, wiith decent people. I really must do that more often.

Of course I had to take a couple of pics at Southwold, where we parked up next to a coach from Smiths, but that was it. As Delboy would have said - cushty!

Smiths of Blofield Dennis Javelin Marcopolo FN02 HGY with some bloke bombing the pic!
Yes I know more BorderBus but I don't care!  107 in the Southwold sun
If you think there's a bit of BorderBus overkill at the moment I'd like to quote from another blog. My good friend and sounding board Roy Northcott from the exceptional East Norfolk Bus Blog paid a visit to BorderBus yesterday, and he managed to put into words what I have been thinking for a long time now. He simply says "After one or two more pictures, I thanked them all for their help and I left thinking that if any bus company deserved to succeed it was this one!" Couldn't agree more, Roy.

There will be more BorderBus soon as I have been invited to do something rather special with them which I'm both privilaged and excited about. I'll reveal more when everything has been arranged.


  1. Borderbus love buses. As you do (and trains too). That's all that matters. And the rest: customer care, happy staff, quality of service, financial viability, a worthwhile read - all follows. If only a few Boards of Directors and bureaucrats (of all varieties) could "get it".

    1. I think that's probably comment of the year so far. Nice one Smurf.