Sunday 19 April 2015

Kraziness in Krakov

While they were busy avoiding my visit to BorderBus on Thursday, Andrew and Nicky Pursey were in Krakov in Poland to see a concert. Can't say who it was but I hope he truly entertained you, didn't say something stupid and sung like angels! Anyhow Andrew was also busy with his camera and has sent me enough for two posts. I am doing some research on a restaurant bus he found and will be posting those pics in due course, but today here are some pics of regular transport in Krakov.

The first two pics are of a tram approcahing a stop. Except it's in the middle of the road and the passengers have to stand in that road to board it. Different I guess!

The passengers walk into the road as the tram arrives at the invisible stop
...and wait for the doors to open while standing in the road
Can't really see that system taking off over here! Andrew also sent me this pic of a Mercedes bus. Now I presume it is a Citaro called something different in Poland as my eyes can't make head or tail of what is written on the front above right of the number plate. Note the tram on the offside - must be a nightmare driving cars round there! Anyone who knows anything please let me know!

The Mercedes Citaro (?) in Krakov
Many thanks to Andrew for sending the pics in, and look out for the Bustaurant in the coming days.


  1. The bus is a Mercedes Conecto

  2. Connecto is a different bus to the Citaro, basically a slightly cut down cheaper version.

    There are also Citaros as well in Krakow though!

  3. Thanks guys - I'm thinking ice cream here - just one Connecto........any Connecto's in UK btw?

  4. autobus został wybudowany w 2014 roku i jest własnością mobilis mościska i powyżej na tablica rejestracyjna mówi “conecto”