Tuesday 21 April 2015

Short Set 47's - A Last Hurrah

On May 10th the new Summer timetable comes into effect on Greater Anglia. From the same date, well on Monday the 11th obviously, 2 Class 37/4's are scheduled to replace the Class 47's on the Short Set which operates between Norwich and Yarmouth/Lowestoft when there aren't enough DMU's available. As I saw the set was out today I decided to get on the 47's for what could be the last time on a train operating a timetabled service on the national network.

I arrived at Norwich in plenty of time fo the 1236 departure to Great Yarmouth, and took advantage of that time to get some pics for the scrapbook. I was a little disappointed to see that 47 790 had been taken off the set and replaced with 47 805, but never mind - a 47 is a 47 and the noise 805 made was music to my ears.

47 805 heads the Short Set at Norwich
With 47 818 "Emily" the other end
 It must be said that Emily was smelling like a ship's engine room and smoked like a chimney on the way back! Far less smell and smoke from 805.

47 818 waits on Platform 4 at Norwich
47 805 from the other side
It was also my first journey on the DRS MkII coaching stock. Comfortable, smooth and could hear the engine which I wanted to! A great journey, and I'll have the pics from the other end at Yarmouth in another post.

DRS MkII coach - sorry can't see number!

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