Tuesday 14 April 2015

Luxembourg Special Part One

It is said that everyone on the planet is in some way related to Genghis Khan. I disagree - it seems that most people on the planet are related to Paulo van Krieken of First Ipswich. Fast on the heels of his superb pics of the trams of Portugal, Paulo told me he has friends and relatives in a mind boggling number of countries. One of those was Luxembourg. Having featured the buses of Liechtenstein last year (see here if you haven't had the pleasure yet) I thought it would be nice if I had the matching "L" so to speak, so I mentioned that to Paulo. 24 hours later I had 17 pics in my inbox provided by his neice and her father in Luxembourg. However, if you think this the country I hinted about last week as the country I never thought I'd do a feature from you're wrong - that is to come later in the week!

For those of you who aren't sure of Luxembourg's location it is a tiny country surrounded by France, Belgium and Germany, population of  563,000 of which a quite staggering 46% are immigrants - and UKIP think we have a problem!

Where Luxembourg is positioned in Europe
Paulo also sent a description of  the bus network in Luxembourg - note the description of the colourful livery as that will be well demonstrated in what follows

  Luxembourg Transport Network

To describe Luxembourg's public transport system in one word, that word would be... colourful!

As you know Luxembourg's capital city shares the same name of the country itself.

There are no trams or trolleybuses anywhere in Luxembourg although there is plans to implementation of trams by 2017.

The network of bus services within the capital city is co-ordinated by the municipal authority. Some of the buses are operated by the municipal undertaking, others by private operators. A number of Luxembourg's city bus routes are operated by more than one company.

The latest colour scheme for Luxembourg's city bus network comprises multi-coloured stripes.
Buses carrying the Multiplicity name are operated by the municipal undertaking, but the livery is also worn by some vehicles provided by private operators.
A number of buses belonging to private operators wore their own operators' liveries.
Single-deck buses proudly proclaiming their hybrid credentials along the streets.

The diversity is amazing that you won't be surprised to spot a wide variety of vehicles such:

Standard single-deckers buses
Standard double-deckers buses
Double-deckers coaches
Articulated buses
Bi-articulated buses
Three-axle buses

Buses run from 06:00 to approximately 24:00, depending on the service. Each bus stop has timetables and maps covering the entire Luxembourg network.

So let's get onto the pictures. Now the trouble here is obviously the people taking the pictures are not Bus enthusiasts and it has proved a bit tricky managing to identify all of the vehicles, so my challenge to you knowledgable people is to identify as many of the vehicles I can't as you can!

We'll start with an easy one - a line up of Volvo 7900 Hybrids

You see what they mean about the livery!
I do believe no matter the weather you would see one of those coming from some distance. Here is a slightly longer one - a Mercedes I presume Citaro bendibus, but if anyone knows different I'm always open to correction.

Not sure about that livery - looks like a caravan!
What? That still isn't long enough for you? OK I can offer you this one but you'll have to tell me what it is!!

Answers please! Make and model!
Here is another one that needs identifying. It looks ike Luxembourg's answer to the E200, but I'm sure it isn't one of those.

Any idea what this is? I'm guessing I probably wouldn't like it!
Finally for this first part, I tweeted yesterday that there would be a bus that would have eyes on stalks. Now I am well aware that there are computer programmes these days that can put any livery on any bus and make it look authentiic. Also I have found no other pics of this bus anywhere so if anyone can confirm this bus's authenticity that would be brilliant - Paulo did your relatives take this pic? If so it's astonishing. If it's a CGI it's still astonishing just not quite as exciting! Have any LHD versions been built?

You have no idea how much I want this to be real!         pic (c) Keith McGillivray

Sadly the Borismaster above isn't real. it is one of Keith McGillivray's incredible pictures.and is a digital creation. I am grateful to Keith, who has given his permission to keep the image up. many thanks, Keith, and you can access his Flickr page, that i cant recommend highly enough here.

Look out for part two coming soon - including the dinkiest bus you have ever seen in your lives!


  1. Andrew Kleissner14 April 2015 at 09:00

    I think that the double-artics are by Vossloh Kiepe and Hess. They've been around for about 5 years, apparently there are some more on order. I'd never heard of them - they might not work quite so well on narrow country lanes in Norfolk and Suffolk ...

  2. Andrew Kleissner14 April 2015 at 09:06

    P.S. I'd love the Boris Bus to be true. However the Carris in Lisbon, having significant British funding and management, did have a lot of "mirror-image" buses, such as AEC Regals, Regent IIIs and Vs, Guy Arabs, Fleetlines and Atlanteans. All gone now though!

  3. Andrew Kleissner14 April 2015 at 09:18

    P.P.S. There's a lovely photo of a Lisbon AEC Regent III decker next to Ipswich's very own ADX1 o the "Carris 255 Preservation" group's website!

  4. Think it's time to get a passport !! Just as long as they let us back in lol !! Yes the Boris is a mock up but as Andrew says wouldn't it be nice......hmmm there's a song there somewhere lol

  5. The double bendy bus is a van hool AGG300 we saw some in Belgium

    The small bus is Heuliez GX 127 Heuliez is part of irisbus

    1. That's great, Dom - thanks very much mate. Don't worry I have much harder challenges coming up soon!

  6. The Borismaster is one of Keith McGillivray's creations - lots more on his Flickr site, but this one may appeal:

    1. Oh if only! I'm gutted it's not real but thanks for clearing it up - I'd better get on to Keith and ask him for permission to keep the image up.

  7. Hang on harder challenges??? Will this require thinking ? Can we get a team up for Steve's blogger challenge lol and can we answer from a location of our choice......

    1. Mate you can answer them from wherever you have a signal - be that on top of a mountain, a bus or on the throne!!

    2. Was thinking more of the temple that is the troll cart lol

  8. Just imagine the Borismaster twin rear wheels for the Asian market