Friday 5 December 2014

A Fantastic Friday Feast

Yesterday I noticed a quite awesome pic on Roy's East Norfolk Bus Blog. It showed a convoy of five buses on the Bernard Matthews contract in Beach Rd in Yarmouth. It would appear that I wasn't the ony one as Danny Beales at Yarmouth depot thought it was so good he arranged a line up at Caister Rd before they departed today. It was quite a gathering with not only Roy and myself but regular contributor Jamie Skinner, Colin White from Terminus Magazine and Transport veteran Richard Delahay. Add Danny, and the brilliant Sheldon who put the line up in place and it was quite a party. A line up of 3 ALX 400's and 4 of the 5 Olympians in service was a sight to behold.

From left to right 32064, 32058, 30888, 34186, 34111, 34108 and 34114
It was something that you just couldn't take your eyes off. Just a shame that 34109 couldn't complete the line up but sadly she had broken down earlier and was looking sorry for herself over the pits. But to have 4 of the 5 together was quite poignant in a way, as who knows if that will ever happen again.

The 4 Olympians. 34111's destination screen is misted up.

After they had all departed to their various pick up points Danny surprised us by inviting us all on a tour of the depot and the opportunity to take pics of the withdrawn Olympians out the back. As I had my own tour just a couple of weeks ago I won't repeat any of those pics as nothing had changed - 34110/2/3 were out there with ex Jersey Dart 42864 which was awaiting inspection. However, back in the depot there were some other more notable objects for my camera. First of all the other Olympian 34109 was there looking rather like the child too sick to make the birthday party who gets some cake sent round to compensate!

34109 looking rather sorry for herself
 I had already spotted the next one on the way in and soon there was a collection of cameras trying to get the best angle of freshly repainted Routemaster RML2623. Must say she looks pretty amazing and to see so many real buses in one day was a rare privilage.

I was leaning back so far to take this as the wall was in the way but don't she look good!
Managed to get the roof in this one!
Finally as my camera ran out of memory I'm grateful to Roy and Jamie for taking the next two pics for me. First up Jamie's pic of 34108 and ex Leicester Gemini 32629 together.

34108 and 32629     Pic (c) Jamie Skinner
It seems fitting we have one of the oldest buses at Yarmouth posing with one of the newest. Ths is Roy's pic of 34108 next to Streetlite 47506.

The new and the old. 47506 and 34108.   pic (c) Roy Northcott
My thanks to Danny and Sheldon for arranging this photoshoot and the access to the rest of the depot, to Jamie for his company and pic, and Roy, who not only took the pic that led to this event, but also for agreeing to publish his post simultaneously to mine, and together with Jamie for maintaining Twitter silence so no one got an advantage. So good to see you all today.

PS I know a lot of the boys at Ipswich depot read this and I can confirm that Yarmouth don't recognise 30888 and your efforts are being really appreciated!

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