Tuesday 9 December 2014

Petite Post

Not something I normally do but a short continuation to yesterday's post. What - you haven't seen yesterday's post? Click here to read it! Anyway a brief report from Norwich today and I have a couple of shocks.

First of all I can report a Purple fronted President actually operating on the Purple Line - think it was 33163. No sighting of the second one so could have been anywhere. Secondly I do believe it is the first time a Streetlite has been seen on the 14 - it's apparently designated route! Again only one of them - others were seen on the 12, 15 and 29B but at last Wroxham has seen a Streetlite!

The proof is in the picture! 47511 on the 14A to Wroxham
Out of my targets yesterday the only one I missed was Sanders new I.O.M Lowlander. It did its best to evade me again today - in a most annoying way - but I finally caught up with it in Castle Meadow and I really don't like the slightly off white surround to the destination display. Looks too much like a Network Norwich display and I don't like them much either!

Sanders new VDL Lowlander 116 PN03 EHU at Castle Meadow
Because of the above vehicle's desire to avoid me today I was forced to travel on E200 45118 instead and I can confirm that although it doesn't rattle as much as I expected it is noisy beyond belief and my intense dislike of them was reaffirmed!

I'm hopefully attemnpting to get to Sussex and back by train tomorrow by train for a hospital appointment. However, the way the network has been crumbling again this week I think Sir Ranulph Feinnes solo expedtion to the North Pole might have been an easier task! Watch this space for a report.

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  1. My dad can't start the streetlite up that's him on the 14/14A