Sunday 7 December 2014

Weekly News Round Up 7/12/14

Only 18 shopping days until the Sales start on Boxing Day, unless you want to go there by bus of course in which case start walking now! This week has been quite a decent one as weeks go, with the final transfer arriving at Ipswich, and the end of the refurbishment programme nigh. The Yorkshire Renowns will probably start to go back to Rotherham next week. The highlight for me was certainly Friday's line up at Yarmouth - see here if you missed it - not just seeing 4 Ollies together but the friendship and mutual respect that abounded throughout the event. Anyway onto what's been happening


The schedule that I posted earlier in the week - see here for details - has been largely adhered to so 66982 has returned and 69006 has gone up to Rotherham, albeit a day later than planned, but not before making a short Ipswich debut on a couple of Town services. Next week will see 69428 and 69005 go up to be done and they will be the last vehicles to go up to Rotherham that will return. Ipswich will be eerily quiet after Christmas!

The first to have leather seats will be the last to get the RAF Blue front. 69005 seen on May 14th

Now there will be two buses at Ipswich that will not be in the new Ipswich livery. Ex P&R Volvo B7rle's 69426/8 are being painted into a mystery livery for a mystery route, however I understand seats from Italy are being fitted so it sounds pretty flash. I have been assured, though, that contrary to reports elsewhere they are NOT being painted into Excel livery. That is pretty obvious when you think about it as Excel livery is for Excel routes, and Ipswich haven't got any of those and won't have anytime soon. The actual livery is a closely guarded secret, with not even depot staff knowing. It is hoped that 69426 may return later this week so watch this space.

69426 seen in Wickham Market in April, but what will she look like now?
The transfers of little buses between Yarmouth/Lowestoft/Norwich has begun with two more ex Jersey Darts leaving Yarmouth for Lowestoft in the form of 42860/1 and 09 reg E200's 45118/9 leaving Lowestoft for Norwich, where they have already been seen on the 39. I will be there Monday to hopefully get pics but you'll forgive me if I don't travel on any of them this time round!

45119 seen on the X22 in Beccles in November 2013

Sanders, who don't get much coverage on the blogs as a rule have bought a third VDL DB250LF East Lancs Lowlander from the Isle of Man. Like the previous two it has been given an 03 reg, in this case PM03 EHU, and fleet number 116. Something else I'll be on the look out tomorrow.


Speculation has been rife this week concerning possible fleet additions to the Konect fleet next year,but nothing definite yet.  However rumours are persisting and intensifying about one of Konect's routes being developed and augmented next year. Unfortunately since obviously it could be commercially sensitive I feel it would be best if if I didn't reveal anything just yet as it is still just unconfirmed speculation. Some might say why mention it at all, but just to let you know I am hearing things so don't be surprised if there's an announcement in the coming weeks.

Anglian have no such rumours, but have embarked on a new "aren't we nice" campaign which involves vinyls inside and outside the vehicles. The exterior vinyls promotes the pre 09030 weekday discount for Concessionary Pass holders, and the interior one encourages passengers to ask drivers for information on fares, ticket types, timetables or "just say hi". Personally at this time of year I'd rather passengers just got on and off ASAP and let the driver drive as keeping to time is a nightmare.

The exterior vinyl on Scania OmniCity decker 550
Lothian Buses

Yes I know a little way off our patch, well I say that but I got a nice comment from Montreal, Canada and 2 pageviews from Macau this week and everything is off their patch! However my Scottish correspondent Grace sent me a link to one of the Edinburgh papers this week, which was reporting that drivers are refusing to serve one of the suburban shopping centres due to the antics of some of the "wee bairns" up there. Apparently they are pulling the emergency engine stop lever and then when the driver has got out to find out what the problem is his cash has been nicked. These aren't teenagers but kids from 8 - 10. You can read the full report by clicking here

Nope not a 27 but a Lothian Gemini so close enough! Seen in Princes St in July
The antics of those darlings reminded me of a similar distraction tactic they used in London when I was driving there, when a group of kids would open the rear emergency door then run away. Then when the driver got out to close it another kid not part of the original group would nick the cash. Has anyone else any stories of different ploys used by kids, or not kids even like that?

And finally for this week a pic that didn't make the post on Wednesday but I think the line up is a bit too good to be ignored, so in a week of line ups here is Beeston's recent buy an ex London Sovereign Scania Omnidekka, Carters wonderful Olympian 915, with First Ipswich 69008 and 32490 in the middle. Have a good week everyone.

A line up to brighten up any rainiy day!


  1. What another great post nice to see an image of a Scottish Lothian Gemini 2 and some more top quality photos as well.

  2. Hey Steve Lothian drivers don't carry cash it all goes in tthe hopper which they cant access just thought id mrntion

    1. I had vague memories it was something like that so if the little sods can't get at the cash what's the problem there? Is this media exaggerating again?

  3. I would probably say that's the case infact both Lothian and first operate a no change policy in Edinburgh so yeah I've no doubt that mindless bratts are causing mayhem by turning the emergency stop lever there's no way for them to access cash