Tuesday 2 December 2014

Final Ipswich Plans and Farewell To Yarmouth

Now you may have to concentrate for this post as it's a lot of numbers and dates, but thanks to a friend at Ipswich I can bring you details of the final refurb plans, if I'm lucky in a way that we can all understand!

I wil try to get this in correct Chronological order.


B7tl 32656 has departed for Rotherham, B7rle 66982 has returned


On loan Yarmouth Volvo B7tl 30888 will return to Yarmouth. First Yorkshire Volvo B10B Renown 60622 will return to Ipswich from Yarmouth

Volvo B7rle 69006 will transfer from Norwich to Ipswich


69006 will go to Rotherham and B7tl 32491 will return.


Volvo B7rle 69428 will go to Rotherham. one to return


Volvo B7rle 69005 will go up to be repainted from Corporate livery to Ipswich livery . - this was the first bus to have the leather interior applied at the start of the programme.

From this date everytime a refurbished vehicle returns one of the on loan B10B Renowns  - 60618/22 and 62143/66112 will return to Rotherham.

At the end of the programme Scanias 65679, 65588/9 will be withdrawn. 65689 is currently on loan to Colchester. Going to Colchester will be Scania 65670 and Volvo B7rle 69433.

I'm going to attempt to work out what is still at Rotherham. B7tl 32494 is certainly up there with 32491 returning Wednesday (3rd). Volvo B7rle 66976 and 69426. I think that's it and so the programme is almost complete. I have a special feature planned for when the programme is fully completed.

I was in Yarmouth and Gorleston today hoping to get some pics of Yorkshire Renown 60622 on its last day on loan to Yarmouth depot and managed to get some. 

First Yorkshire Volvo B10B Renown W785 WKW at Gorleston today

And at Market Gates on the 7 to Bradwell
I'm hoping to be around in Ipswich in the next couple of days to get pics of her back there prior to going home to Yorkshire. A fairly short post today but need to save things for later in the week!

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