Monday 1 December 2014

Norwich Lampposts Debut And Other Bits

The publicity said it all - Norwich Streetlites to go onto the 14 running between Wymondham and Wroxham from today. So after a detour via Yarmouth I arrived at a freezing bloody cold Castle Meadow in appalling light to try one of them out rather hoping it would be Wroxham. So naturally I was delighted when 47509 turned up in minutes - on the ruddy 23 to Costessey! Realising I wouldn't get to see much of Norfolk's countryside but yet another Norwich housing estate I took my seat wondering what the hell I was doing as I knew exactly how they ride by now. But it was a route I hadn't done before so off we went. Incidentally according to Mr Gonzales the depot had forgotten they could use them from today, which was why they were on random routes.

47509 on the 14 to Wymon oh no sorry the 23 to Costessey

 If you have read my reviews of the Yarmouth Lampposts then ditto for the Norwich ones. Now I am well aware that there are other blogs waxing lyrical about them tonight, and if I'm completely honest if my staple diet was Presidents and Volvo b7l's with ridiculoously hard seats then I would probably be just as enthusiastic about the Lampposts. I still say judge in 6 months and see how they are coping with the respective demands and conditions. What I do know is this one had a very obvious fault. Mercifully the bell only rings once regardless of how many people press it.  However several times the bell didn't cancel when the doors opened so it wouldn't ring for the next stop, which caused a certain amount of consternation and longer than anticipated walks!

47509 in appalling light at the Costessey terminus

 On arrival back at Norwich I returned to Castle Meadow wondering if any of the others were out. As it turned out yes 47507 was, but on the 11/11A and I was just reading a tweet informing the world of that when it flew past me meaning no photo opportunity. Never mind there is always tomorrow and hopefully a ride to Wroxham!

Back at Norwich heading towards Heartease

There was one other highlight in Norwich today - an absolutely stunning coach. I have been a fan of Neoplans from the day I first saw one in the early 1980's and nothing has changed my mind since. I've travelled on them, driven them, marveled at them and the one I saw today had all the wow factor I have come to expect from Neoplans. Parrys International are based in the West Midlands, near Walsall and have a highly impressive fleet. This Neoplan Starliner is just breathtaking in my opinion.

now THAT is what you call a coach. Parryy's International's Neoplan Starliner

I think a rear view is deserved too. According to their website all coaches have individual seat back screens for personal entertainment. I would have liked a look around that coach but sadly time did not permit even if the driver had!

Quite simply sex on 8 wheels!
One more thing before I go - many thanks to David Green who has given me another update from Galloway. An AD E200 demonstrator is with Galloway for a few days. YX14 YXB will be on the 118/9 between Ipswich and Framlingham Tues 2nd and the Diss/Fram service Weds 3rd. David also reports that National Express Levante fleet no 393 FJ61 EVT is off the road with fire damage and it's not certain when/if it will be back.


  1. It is so nice to see how buses look in other parts of the world. Thanks so much for sharing. Warm greetings from Montreal, Canada.

    1. Thank you Linda. It's so nice to know this humble publication is read around the world. If ever you would like me to do a feature on Montreal buses just let me know and send the pics in!

  2. Hi steve galloway update the demo bus was taken off service today as problems with ticket machine the bus is here for a week so should be seen in service