Thursday 13 August 2015

All Go At Go-Ahead

Yet another unscheduled post but there is enough happening everyday to warrant one. We start with the first vehicle to be painted into the new P&R livery for Norwich, and ironically it's on a vehicle that won't be coming into Norwich after the new services start on 7th September. Two of the Mercedes Bendibuses currently on the 604 will continue to run out of Costessey but will only run as far as Norfolk & Norwich Hospital on the 610. So there are only a couple of weeks to see 802 in Norwich in her new colours and as usual Cameron was in situ this morning to send us this picture of her.

Konect 802 Mercedes Bendibus BD57 WCZ in new P&R livery    pic (c) Cameron Robinson
While on the subject of the 604's, yesterday I published Cameron's picture of  8 branded E400 608 on the 604 and I said it was the first decker I had ever seen on the route. Well needless to say there have been others, and I'm grateful to Sam Larke for sending in a couple of pics from his extensive archve of two deckers on the 604. The first is of Loylne Trident 727 W827 WNJ and the second of more recent ex London Gemini 513 LB02 YXE. Many thanks, Sam. Incidentally Sam has more pics of the green bendibus, and you can see them on his Flickr page by clicking here.

Konect Trident as was 827 on the 604 P&R    pic (c) Sam Larke

Konect 513 on the Costessey P&R   pic (c) Sam Larke
Two more of the old route 8 E400's have been rebranded and put out on the 2's. Once again Cameron who I think has taken root in Norwich supplies the pics.

Konect 607 SN61 CZX now branded for and working the 2     pic (c) Cameron Robinson
Konect 605 E400 SN61 CZV rebranded for the 2.   pic (c) Cameron Robinson
Finally tonight I can exclusively (there I said it) reveal that the first two Optare Versas have returned to Anglian from Konect. 308 and 309 AU11 EPF/E returned today, will have Anglian vinyls applied and be pressed into service very soon. 305/6/7 will follow shortly. My thanks to my Anglian contact for letting me know and Cameron for supplying the pic of 308.

Now Anglian again 308 Optare Versa AU11 EPF when at Konect      pic (c) Cameron Robinson

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