Wednesday 26 August 2015

Old Buckenham Rally Video

Sometimes video is better than pictures, and courtesy of Tim Miller I can bring you a video of some of the activities on Sunday involving the Great Yarmouth Transport duo 59 and 85, with a couple of cameo appearances from VA479 to appease out Ipswich brethren! Many thanks, Tim, and somehow you have managed to disguise the fact there was a mighty wind blowing!


  1. Hi Steve just a Galloway update two vanhools tx16s are on order for next year and will replace the 11 plate vanhools 296 and297 the loan olympian decker is staying in stevensons livery but all fleet names have been removed lasty vanhool 323 one of the 13 plate tx13 has been put in the new blue livery the new solos are coming home in October time

  2. Bit cheeky "Alex" have permission to link here do we ??

  3. Hi Steve Galloway update the hired solos are352 kx15bln and 353 kx15blk they are plan white and should be here a month