Wednesday 12 August 2015

Konect E400 Transition Begins

I had no intention whatsoever of posting today - deep cleaning my kitchen took priority, however I wasn't taking into account my wonderful contributors, Cameron in particular, who has sent me in 3 pics of the now former Konectexpress 8 E400's. The first is of the first vehicle to receive new branding for the 2, 606.

Konect 606, E4000 SN61 CZW now branded for the 2/2A between Norwich and Holt    pic (c) Cameron Robinson
While they are waiting their turn to be rebranded another two of the batch saw new routes. Following 605's appearance on the 17 from Dereham to Bradenham yesterday, today saw 609 on the 4's and most unusualy 608 on the Costessey Park & Ride 604. I've been dredging the memory banks and I can't ever recall seeing a decker on the 604 before. Normally the preserve of bendibuses it is Tempos that normally cover when there is a shortage of vehicles.

Konect 609 SN61 CZZ on the 4 to Swanton Morley     pic (c) Cameron Robinson
My thanks to Cameron for being there to get those pics and for sharing them with us. Sounds better than oven cleaning!

Konect 608 SN61 CZY on the 604 P&R to Costessey     pic (c) Cameron Robinson

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