Sunday 9 August 2015

Surprise Colour For 66982

Thanks to Cameron Robinson who disturbed Chris Speed's 5th Bacardi and Coke of the day whilst on holiday somewhere hot I can reveal what colour 66982, the latest vehicle to desert Ipswich for Norwich, is going to be painted in. I think most observers expected it to be painted Purple as its sister 66977 but no, 66982 is going to be painted up for the YELLOW Line. That came as quite a surprise as currently there are no single deckers liveried for the Yellow Line. So extra interest will be in evidence when she returns.

I still have no access to my archives so once again I have raided Flickr and this pic of 66982 is by Hadliegh1849, whose Flickr page you can access here.

My thanks to Cameron, and to Chris for giving permission to publish.

Soon to be Yellow fronted 66982 at Ipswich.       pic by Hadleigh1849

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