Friday 10 July 2015

32059 In Service & Loud Set Video

Today saw the first day in service of Yarmouth Heritage ALX400 32059, or 59 as it simply says on the front.. After its arrival in the town yesterday, which had the great and good of the enthusiast world scurrying for pictures I waited until today hoping to catch her in service. I failed. Fortunately Cameron didn't and he has kindly sent in this cracking picture of her I think by Sainsbury in Yarmouth but I could be wrong.

59 looking great in the Yarmouth sunshine.          pic (c) Cameron Robinson
There is just one depressing point about this bus. It was intended to put new seating in both 32059 and the Lowestoft Heritage bus, 30888. However the level of vandalism to seats in the towns has reached such a height the decision was made to leave the old hard seats in them. We remember one of the new Streetlites, 47502 being attacked by vandals on her first journey in service so this comes as a sad reflection of the respect that some people have for the vehicles they rely on to get them from A to B, and I cannot criticise First in the slightest for taking that decision.

Cameron has also asked me to tell you that he has missed blogging too much and therefore has decided to ressurect Yarmouth Bus Page. He has informed me that there willl be many more pics of 59 tomorrow night, and he will be spending the day on her tomorrow to give a full review with pics tomorrow evening. Welcome back Cameron. I knew you'd be back which is why I never took the link down!

Secondly tonight Tim Miller has caught Class 37itis and has sent in another video for your enjoyment of the intiidating Loud Set taken at Haddiscoe. This video has them passing through at speed, as well as a great soundtrack from the return journey. An appetiser at the beginning of the video is a little Class 153 going through. Many thanks, Tim and keep them coming.

Over the weekend I'll be going through some other local news and there will be an Agoraline update from Chris Wilkinson down in Kent.


  1. I didn't know vandalism was such an issue. Always was under the impression it was a quiet area, compared to vandalism in large cities.

    1. Sadly not. Both the Streetlites and X1 Enviros have suffered frequent vandalism to the seats. It's a shame.