Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Italy & Lithuania Special

As promised here is a selection of photo taken by David Squire while on one of his regular jaunts across Europe. These are much apppreciated, David, and I hope they will continue even when you are working in pastures new - obviously you'll want to know what's going on in your old patch!

We'll start in Genoa, in Italy. David wrtes:

This is Genoa in Italy where I went in the May Day bank holiday, the municipal operator runs a fleet of buses, dual mode trolleybuses that can run with the poles down on a diesel engine and an underground metro system, not all are low floor though, see the photo of a high floor Iveco single-decker!

The aforementioned Iveco high flor single decker       pic (c) David Squire

The catchily named BredaMcnarinibus           pic (c) David Squire

Ah even I know what that one is                   pic (c) David Squire
 And so we move East to Lithuania. I quote David again:

Vilnius is the capital, operating both trolleybuses - mainly high floor with some newer low floor examples, plus a really motley assortment of buses, numerous secondhand low floor examples wear their former operators colours and fleetnames in some cases. There are two trolleybus depots in Vilnius, Kaunus as the second city is a lot smaller but still operates trolleys as well as trams. EU money has improved the rail network, although, amazingly a brand new extremely high floor 2 carriage train operates a shuttle from Vilnius to the airport, the running time is 8 minutes, so using normal rules of scheduling, we'd expect a half hourly frequency to be maintained, oh no, it is hourly with non-clockface departures so the unit sits around for more minutes per hour than it is mobile!!
The following pics are from Vilnius.

                 A trolleybus in Vilnus                                  Pic (c) David Squire

This is an officially preserved vehicle             pic (c) David Squire
A much newer Solaris tri-axle            pic (c) David Squire
A Berkhof bodied Volvo bendibus                  pic (c) David Squire
We finish with a trip to another Lithuanian city - Kaunus. David writes;

This selection from Kaunus, the bus park at the station contained what we thought were scrappers only to see them in use on the pm peak!! Enjoy!
No idea what that is!               pic (c) David Squire
A vintage Scania                pic (c) David Squire
The only positive ID is the VolvoB10M in the middle!    pic (c) David Squire
Once again many thanks to David for the pictures.  Tomorrow a 7/7 tribute

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