Friday 3 July 2015

Konect P&R Repaint Hits The Road

I was waiting for my bus at Norwich earlier when I saw a shiny Gemini pull up on the P&R stand. On inspection it turned out to be former pink VDL 500 on her first day out in her new regular Konect livery. Well I say first day out - Cameron said it was yet someone on Twitter claimed to have seen her Wednesday. Either way she was still very clean!

Konect 500 VDL YJ05 PXA in Norwich Bus Station
For once I was grateful the traffic lights at the exit to the Bus Station take so long to change as I was able to get rear and better front shots too.

The formerly pink VDL waiting to leave Norwich Bus Station

The best view of the lot, gleaming in the July sun
I must mention the driver, who unlike some at that location gave a big grin and a thumbs up, and even had a little natter agreeing the repaint looked rather good - that's how long the lights stay red! Top man.

Whilst with Konect the font of knowledge that is Cameron Robinson has given me information originating from Konect Supremo Steve Royale, regarding the future of the Konect bendibuses. 3 of them are to be completely refurbished, including new seats with leather headrests, and they will be painted into Park & Ride livery. This I find interesting as everyone was told the new P&R contracts stipulated vehicles no more than 5 years old. Perhaps refurbished interiors count! The other 2 bendibuses will be stored as spares at Anglian Bus's Beccles depot. Whether Anglian use them at all remains to be seen. Many thanks to Cameron for his invaluable contributions.

A couple more repanted vehicles to mention. While leaving Norwich on the 7 this afternoon we passed recently repainted Gemini 2 37172, which was operating on the Red Line's 23A to Heartease. Most photos taken out of bus windows come out absolute pants but this one didn't turn out too bad at all.

37172 taken from a passing gas bus!

Now I got some stick the other day for criticinsg people for criticising First over the repaint of ex Yarmouth Dart 42921. I saw it in the flesh for the first time today, and apart from a rather unsightly black spot around the exhaust pipe I think she looks rather good in her new colours. I can't see what all the fuss is about so stick to every word I said on Sunday. I doubt those families who lost relatives on the beach in Tunisia last week are that worried about a layer of lilac being a couple of milimetres too wide. And on that note well done to First for authorising drivers to observe the minute's silence at midday today in memory of those who died in Tunisia last week. Shame on those companies who didn't. Anyway my attempt of a pic of 42921 was wrecked by a passing Presdent, so Cameron has come to the rescue with this pic of her. Cheers mate.

Looks okay to me.       pic (c) Cameron Robinson

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