Thursday 30 July 2015

Bending The Norm & E400 MMC Demonstrator

Imagine, if you will, the excitement of winning the lottery, or a group of 10yo girls being told that One Direction were coming to tea and giving a personal performance. That, I assure you is nothing compared to the excitement flowing through my Twitter message inbox today, as Konect bendibus 802 put on a spectacular display of route rareness in front of the lens of  Cameron Robinson, going out on the 6X, 53 and 2. Christmas truly had come early.

Occasionally a bendi has appeared on the 8, even a P&R apart from the 604, but the trio of routes it appeared on are extremely rare, and I cannot remember one ever appearing on the 53's before. Well done Cameron for being in the right place at the right time and for sending me these superb pictures. I hope your heart rate has settled back down now!

Konect Bendibus 802 BD57 WCZ departs a wet Norwich Bus Station on the X6 to Attleborough     pic (c) Cameron Robinson

Indescribably rarely on the 53 to Wroxham         pic (c) Cameron Robinson

Finally on the 2 to Sheringham    pic (c) Cameron Robinson
In the meantime I was in Ipswich to photograph the E400 MMC demonstrator on loan to Ipswich Buses for the week. YY64 GWX is the same vehicle Coach Services had in March, and then I wasn't exactly bowled over by it. This time, however, on a trip on the X5 to Ipswich Hospital and back, it felt a bit better, firmer, and didn't rattle as much. Maybe it's because I was on familiar territory, or maybe Go-North East in Gateshead, whose vinyls and legal lettering it carries, have done a bit of work on her. Anyway it is still a photogenic bus!

E400 MMC demonstrator YY64 GWX at Tower Ramparts
The rear view with the Go North East vinyls showing clearly
And at Major's Corner in slightly better weather!

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