Wednesday 29 July 2015

Agoraline Update

Chris Jenkinson has been in touch with the latest news and pictures of the former Norfolk Green Irisbus Agoralines, now with Nu-Venture in Aylesford, Kent.

898 holds pride of place on this blog, being the header picture. However in recent weeks she has been suffering regular engine probs and it has been decided to give her a transplant from the long term VOR sister 897. So for the first time in months Chris drove 897 from Nu-Venture's storage facility to the workshop to have her engine removed. This will almost certainly the last journey 897 makes under her own steam. Chris has sent in pics of the process, including a pic of both 897 and 891 side by side in the workshop. 891 was in for MOT.

897 about to make her final sacrificial journey
897 awaiting engine removal and 891 in the air undergoing MOT preparation
897 on the ramps ready for surgery
One engine extraction surgery complete
And there it is waiting to go in 898
Chris also sent me a picture of another of his own buses, which was brought from storage to the workshop for MOT. M64 VJO is an ex Thames Transit and Stagecoach Dennis Dart and I have to say looks very smart.

Dart M64 VJO in Thames Transit Kidlington Cavalier livery
Many thanks for the pics and update, Chris and we are looking forward to the news of a successful operation for 898.