Wednesday 15 July 2015

X1 To Be Scrapped

Thought that would get your attention! It's true - the X1 is to be scrapped - the X1 in Ipswich that is. More VOSA activity today with Ipswich Buses, First Ipswich and Norwch, Carters and Borderbus all making registrations on VOSA, as listed below.

Ipswich Buses

There will be timetable amendments to services X5/6/6A/8/8B/9?10/13/!5/!5A from 3/9/15

Variation to route X3 between Tower Ramparts and Ravenswood. To amend route, start/finish points, stopping places and timetable from 3/9/15

Variation to route 4 between Ipswich Rail Station and Martlesham Heath. To amend route and timetable from 3/9/15

Cancellation of service X1 between Tower Ramparts and Holbrook Rd from3/9/15

Registration of route 11A between St Albans School and Ipswich from 3/9/15 to operate schooldays only

Registration of route 18A between Norwich Rd and Suffolk One via Sproughton from 3/9/15 to operate schooldays only

First Ipswich

Registration of route 72 between Ipswich and Ipswich via Bealings and Bucklesham, operating Mon - Fri from 30/8/15

Registration of route 70 between OCM Ipswich and Woodbridge via Grundisburgh, operating Mon - Sat from 30/8/15

Registration of route 972 operating between Turban Centre, Woodbridge and Farlingaye School, Woodbridge via Bealings and Kesgrave, to operate schooldays only from 30/8/15

First Norwich

Registration of route 100 between Norwch Railway Station and Royal Norfolk Showground, operating anually during the two weeks of the Norfolk Show only from 5/9/15

Registration of route 910 between Wroxham Rd Police Station, Norwich and Hoverton, Broadland High School, to operate schooldays only from 30/8/15

Registration of route 935 between Church Rd Swainsthorpe and  Long Stratton High School, operating schooldays only from 30/8/15


Registration of the 192 from East Bergholt and Tattingstone, operating schooldays only from 30/8/15


There will be route and timetable amendments to school services SJL1/2/3/6

Registration of route SJL8 between Blundeston and Sir John Leman School, Beccles, operating schooldays only from 4/9/15

More will be published as and when they are registered.


  1. Fantastic blog title! As soon as I saw that pop up in the list of blogs on ENBB, I was straight over :P

    1. Mission accomplished - but what were you doing over there? Saving the best till last :))

  2. I check them in alphabetical order! Just one of my many quirks :P

    1. Keep your eyes peeled for Aadvark's Bus & Train Page coming soon!

  3. Don't pay any attention to him Zak -Go to us first! You know it makes sense.
    Good headline tho Steve as it grabbed my attention too!

    1. Someties a headline screams to be written - pageviews were the best for months that night so guess I grabbed the attention of one or two!

  4. Hi steve galloway update the new national express coach is here bf15 ajx don't know fleet number yet still to enter service I have been told it's a volvo b8r but I think it's a b11r it has the normal cutano cutlass body