Sunday 5 July 2015

Sunday In A Swift & Norwich Bus Station Special

The plan for today was simple - get out of the flat! A planned all day power cut due to tree trimming meant escape was essential. Not easy when the nearest public transport on a Sunday is 6 miles away! But thanks to all round good guy Tim Miller I did manage to get out and had the choice of East Anglian Transport Museum or see Yarmouth's celebrity Swift for the first time at a gathering in the town. With Summer really arriving this week and anticipating a day looking at sights much more attractive than a load of enthusiasts Yarmouth won by a short galaxy.

So it chucked it down all day. And I spent the day with a load of enthusiasts!

However if you're going to spend a day like that you want to spend it on a superb vehicle, with decent company and that is just what happened. AEC Swift WEX685M was making its first public appearance outside the pier at Yarmouth, captained by co-owner Chris Speed (isn't that the most appropriate name for a Swift owner ever). Joining Chris, Tim and I was Jamie Skinner, who had organised the event, ubquitous photographer Cameron Robinson, of whom more later and in the afternoon Sam Larke who managed to do EATM too!

Somehow the rain didn't matter, the conversation flowed and flowed, and as a reward for putting up with his dubious shorts all day Chris gave us a ride on the Swift around the town. Yet again a bus older than it's owners (yes hard to believe I know) put the newer models to shame. We were stting on those seats all day and never got uncomfortable, a great engine soundtrack and doors that make the whine Bristol VR doors used to when they open! Oh and no rattles. One of the best buses in Yarmouth in fact. We stopped for a pic opportunity in the rain at Yarmouth Pleasure Beach.

AEC Swift WEX685M at Yarmouth Pleasure Beach
It was actually a very relaxing day so thanks guys.

Moving on and yesterday saw a major incident involving a Sanders Scania. Former Beestons Scania Omnicity Decker YR10 BB0 caught fire near Aylesham and reports suggest that damage was substantial. Sam pointed out ths afternoon that it is all the more ironic because this vehicle was a relacement for a Scania Omnidekka that was destroyed by fire. Perhaps this one should not be replaced! The aforementioned Cameron spent a blistering afternoon at Norwich Bus Station yesterday and by coincidence photographed the Sanders decker as it embarked on what could be its final journey.

Ill fated Scania YR10 BBO leaves Norwich Bus Station    pic (Cameron Robinson)

Now the eagle eyed among you will have noticed that the above Scania isn't leaving from its usual exit. This is why Cameron was in position as the Lord Mayor's Show meant all buses were diverted through the Bus Station, giving some most unusual sights. Cameron took well over 300 pictures in his 3 hours, and remembering how hot it was I think his efforts deserve a bit of exposure. So here is a selection of Cameron's pics of Norwich Bus Station looking like a real bus station!

Purple Line Trident 33003 leads a line of diverted buses out of Norwich Bus Station   pic Cameron Robinson
A Yellow Line bus coming out of the Bus Station just looks odd!      pic (c) Cameron Robinson
There were some odd workings too!     pic (C) Cameron Robinson
That really is the alternative route!   pic (c) Cameron Robinson
Doesn't that look good                           pic (c) Cameron Robinson
Cameron I think you deserve a medal for endurance but you got a great set of pics and thanks for sharing them with us.

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