Thursday 31 October 2013

Harry's Rail Corner

First of all I apologise for being late with this post - only recently got power back and had forgotten to check the emails!! Thanks for the info, Harry, and I promise to be quicker next time. Harry sent me this email on Monday.

Today I spent a few hours today at Norwich's train station, assisting staff as a volunteer welcome host.
On arrival all services except the Norwich to Lowestoft, Norwich to great Yarmouth, Norwich for cambridge, and Sheringham were cancelled due to last night's weather.
Later in the day, services to Cambridge were suspended, whilst the East Midlands service was resumed.  When I left at 3pm services to London were the only ones cancelled. These should resume tomorrow once power lines are back up.

I conclude with observations of the day.....
-156419 (now in GA livery) was on the Yarmouth line (15.40 service to Yarmouth), whilst before this it was on the Norwich to Lowestoft corridor.
-156422 was also being used on the branch lines along with 156407 and 156409.
-170271 was on the sidings of platform 6 as it wasn't to be used due to the Ipswich to Peterborough and Cambridge line being out of action.
-3 class 170s (3 car) were also in the sidings but were later used when the Cambridge line reopened.
-3 MK3 sets were present for some time, placed on platform 1, 2 and 3. The remaining sets were at crown point.
-2 East Midlands class 158s were stored on platform 4. These wont probably be used until tomorrow, if the weather has calmed down.


  1. Was just reading through a post on Railuk forums and if I read correctly we won't get any newer ?? rolling stock till at least 2018 when a lot of electrification has been done elsewhere. The 153's will be scrapped and we will get 156's and maybe an extra 170 or 2 lol. What does amaze me tho is that when the IEP comes in a lot of the HST stock will be scrapped(hope I read that right) So we will still get a loco hauled service or 2 for the forseeable.Would be a blast to see a loco service Lowestoft to London well worth a ride I reckon.

  2. Can you imagine the choas this week had all the branch lines been electrified too? I admit to finding the 153's quite cute, and I did read somewhere that they would be re-converted back to two car units. But you're right - can't beat loco hauled.