Sunday 27 October 2013

Scottish Sunday Supplement

I didn't know quite what to think or expect when I started this blog, but one thing I most certainly didn't expect was this. I can't express how chuffed I am that I have a Scottish Correspondent. Grace is a 19yo student at Edinburgh Uni in her third year of a Social Work degree. Every week I'll be posting pics Grace has taken. They will be mainly Lothian buses as that's her local company although I'm hoping we'll see some First pics too, and any miscellaneous pics she manages to snap.

One thing I haven't been able to find is a fully up to date fleertlist of Lothian buses so if anyone knows where I can find that I'll be grateful. In the meantime enjoy Grace's first ever bus pics, which I think are pretty good for a novice, and thanks, Grace - so good to have you aboard. All pics are Grace's copyright.

One of Lothians recent single deck Hybrids. I love the livery.
Have got to go up there and travel on one of those
Grace we need a side view of this one please!
Note the price of an all day ticket in Edinburgh!
A company of many colours!
I have probably chatted to Grace while she has been on this bus!


  1. Cool! Thanks Steve! I didn't think my pics were any good...I'll keep practicing haha

  2. Awesome, Grace - keep them coming!