Thursday 24 October 2013

Blast from the Past

As this is a purely self-indulgent blog I'm going to recall my own experiences as both an enthusiast and driver. As most of this took place in Kent I apologise if it is a bit off area! So we may as well start at the beginning. I clearly remember the day I became interested in buses. It was 1972 and I was 5 or 6, waiting with my mother at the bus stop iin the village in Kent where I grew up. A different type of bus to usual pulled up - it was in a brighter green, the seat covers were a different design and it smelt like only new vehicles do. It was a new Leyland Atlantean painted in National green and that was it - the seed was sown and my sentence as a transport enthusiast was confirmed.

This was to blame!! 5714 looking far less shiny and eye catching as it would have done when new in 1972

5709 at the old Maidstone bus station. I drove the last bus ever to use that bus station before it was demolished in 1988

The most striking livery any of that batch of 20 Atlanteans saw was when 3 of them were painted in Invictaway black when M&D launched their Medway - London service. I spent many pleasant hours travelling up and down the A2 on the Atlanteans which had been fitted with coach seats from withdrawn dual purpose Reliances.

5718 (I think) showing off her new paint job. I have still never seen a livery as eyecatching as this one.


  1. Nice pics! Which bus is your favourite?

  2. If you mean which all time make I'll get to that in a future post. If you mean in the post above I loved those Invictaway Atlanteans and if I had a time machine I'd go back for one more trip to London on one of them. thanks for commenting, Grace - you will have your grand introduction tomorrow!

  3. I like the Invictaway ones too! Never really seen anything like it before

  4. I'm going to get in touch with an old flame to try and get some more pics of them. Those pics I posted don't really do them justice as they don't show them in traffic.