Friday 25 October 2013

X1 Variety to end?

Thinking of what to post on tonight (and struggling) it suddenly struck me that once all the X1 Geminis are repainted and seconded to their new depots the current variety on the X1 shorts could end rather abrubtly. Obviously there might be the odd exception due to breakdowns but on the whole ther X1's will be Enviro operated and the shorts by the Geminis. So here is a selection of pics I've taken in recent weeks of vehicles operating the X1 short, as well as a couple of my fav Enviro pics thrown in for good measure. Enjoy and reminisce, as the variety could be about to end.

Former Ipswich Volvo 60808 loads up at Yarmouth Market Gates
Soon to be withdrawn Olympian 34110
34112 heads the other way at Acle
Recently reprieved 34113 at a very wet Acle on Tuesday
20515 at Acle
20514 in driving rain (my excuse and I'm sticking to it)
And now to the future of the route. I have to admit to some mixed feelings - variety is the spice of life and not quite knowing what is going to turn up always gives a sense of anticipation

Gemini 37652 on an then unusual X1 short a few weeks ago
Excuse the finger but I just love the destination screen - I mean who needs to know from the front!!
33818 at Yarmouth - will they last as well as the Geminis?


  1. So mr Steve does this mean also the X2 will standardise hmm as in no more midget saloons at odd times and he asks what about the Bernie specials I if course being placed on the route will keep me eyes peeled I think they will miss them 'lympians lol

  2. Yes, looks like the X2 will be all Gemini/park bench seat B7 operated. I'll be doing a special Olympian feature or two when they have gone in around two weeks time.