Tuesday 29 October 2013

Storm Damage

I didn't go out yesterday as living where I do many trees were going faster than I could have done! I lost power at 8.30am and as Itype at a friend's house it still hasn't come back so sorry about lack of posts. yesterday.

Main headline has to go to the Beestons Omnideka that tipped over in Hadleigh yesterday. Thankfully none of the people on board were badly injured altbhough the driver was knocked unconcious and had to be taken out on a spinal board.

Not a pretty sight - pic from
Also Ipswich Scania 65672 is pictured in todays EATD with as large tree resting against it. I'm searching for the pic and as soon as I have it I'll post it. If anyone has any storm related pics you would like published then please send them to me and I'll put them up!


  1. Hope your power comes back soon! Wonder why they didn't cancel double decker buses yesterday! It was quite risky, good nobody was badly hurt

  2. I'm hoping someone will tell me if the Acle (near Great Yarmouth for you Scots) straight was closed yesterday - might help if I read all the other blogs I guess!!