Sunday 27 October 2013

Greater Anglian News

Harry Stanley has kindly been in contact to inform me that 2 car DEMU 156409 has been sent to Wolverton for repaint and refurbishment. It certainly will be interesting to see the standard of the interior when she returns.

156409 at Ipswich sidings soon to look very different
Harry also tells me that the MKIII coaches used on the Norwich-London line are also to be sent away to Wolverton 3 at a time for new interiors and seating to be fitted. So it seems no new trains for our part of the world for the next 20 years or so!! Thanks, Harry for the info.

Let's hope the locos get a matching paintjob!
Thanks again, Harry for the info and I hope to do more train based posts in the future. However, unlike the buses I don't have a free train pass!

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