Friday 19 June 2015

99 Rev(enue) Balloons

Sorry - just couldn't resist this headline as it is becoming apparent that First's special offer on the 99 between Kessingland and Lowestoft of a flat fare of £1 is beginning to pay dividends. I have noticed in recent days people letting Anglian 61's go, preferring to wait for the 99, and both Anglian drivers and sources at First have confirmed this. Apparently the 99 is taking more revenue than ever and so the £1 fare looks set to stay. Incidentally you might like to know that on a Saturday there are no less than 85 buses from Kessingland to Lowestoft. That is more than there is from Yarmouth to Norwich and doesn't include the 146. A slight overkill?

So onto today's sightings and I only had around half hour in Norwich but a very productive one it was. The main target was the nomadic Rotherham Volvo B10B 60618 which has moved to Norwich to cover the repaints there. Today it was on the Red Line operating 24A's.

60618 on the 24A's in Norwich today
 60618 wasn't the only Wright Renown Volvo cruising around the City today, as right on its heels came former Ipswich and Yarmouth 60808 now a Norwich Training Bus.

60808 in Castle Meadow today
It was a day for sightings of a difference, and next up is Yarmouth Routemaster RML 1623 which was on wedding duties in Norwich today. What is it about these buses that always brings a smile to the face. Can't say that about Presidents!

RML 1623 in Castle Meadow today
There must be something about the number 23, as next we have First's other eye catching bus ending in 23 - yes that bus 33423 which was on Private Hire duties in Norfolk today. Cameron Robinson caught her taking a breather in Castle Meadow and sent me this pic. Thanks buddy!

33423 on PH duty in Castle Meadow today      pic (c) Cameron Robinson
Finally the first pic I have taken of Sanders' newest single decker, 227, ex Mancherster Airport VDL YJ10 DJV. It was operating on the X44's today and I snapped it in Casttle Meadow to cap a very good half hour.

Sanders 227 VDL YJ10 DIV in Castle Meadow today

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