Thursday 18 June 2015

Class 37 Video

In case anyone thought I was exaggerating a little in my lyrical waxing over the Class 37's on the short set yesterday, the entirely useful Tim Miller was at Haddiscoe Station today to get a video of these animals in action. I heard them leave Lowestoft, Tim, and even from a bus it was spine tingling! Great video buddy.


  1. Andrew Kleissner19 June 2015 at 15:03

    Mind you, if you think the 37s are impressive (as they are), what about the old Class 40s, their bigger and more powerful brothers? 8 foot longer, 16 cylinders instead of 12 ... they were the mainstay of the West Coast main line before the electrics came in, and survived on freight work for many years.

    And don't even think of mentioning the Deltics ...

  2. Andrew....deltics !! Now there's a sound I've only heard on film but it is one I want to hear before I pop off lol I really fear a few more trips are in order!